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Found 6 results

  1. Selling my Red Scarlet - X with upgraded fans. I have owned this camera for over 3 years. I am the second owner. I never rented the camera, it has aways been under my care and this camera has delivered every time! I am open to offers, I am looking to get $6,300 for the whole package. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Feel free to reach me at sebasnieves1@gmail.com Open to shipping within the USA. Based out of Philadelphia, PA Link for all Images, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BgQuTC1t_giTbqCxa0s0XvyExF6wRlPq?usp=sharing Scarlet-X #436 1x Scarlet Brain (1,582 hours) + 1.8” Side SSD Module + Canon Mount 1x DSMC Side Handle 1x Red 5” Touch 1x Red 7" Monitor Cable 1x Red 12" Monitor Cable 2x 128G SSD 2x RedMag Shockproof SSD Case 2x RedVolt Batteries 1x RedVolt Charger 1x 3BNC Red Sync Cable 2x XLR Microphone Cables 1x DSMC Top Plate 2.0 1x 1.8” SSD Station 1x Wooden Camera Easy Riser + 15mm LW Mount 1x Wooden Camera Battery Slide 1x Anton Bauer QRC-Epic 1x Red SWAT QR Rail 1x Red Swat QR Mount 1x DSMC AC Power Adapter 1x Pelican 1510 Case 1x Top Handle
  2. Hello all, I've been called in last minute for a friends project to do a bit of data wrangling on Saturday, I have done it before but only at a very basic level. They will be shooting on the Red Scarlet in 4K and I've been informed that some care needs to be taken when it comes to handling and organising the footage because of the way the files are structured by the camera. So by the sounds of things, a simple 'copy and paste' into the external hard drive might not cut it. Unfortunately, I can't provide a workflow as the editor recently pulled out of the project and they haven't managed to find a new one yet. So I was just wondering if there is someone who has had experience data wrangling footage from the Red Scarlet who could give me some advice on what would be the best way to tackle this? Thanks
  3. The camera package has been well looked after and used only for my own jobs. It has never been rented out. Very very low hours! No scratches or problems. Based in Fresno, California. Overnight shipping included and PayPal accepted! Please email me zackyee12@gmail.com or feel free to shoot me a text 5593412427 I have more pictures to if you want. 1 DSMC SIDE HANDLE 1 RED TOUCH 5.0" LCD 2 REDVOLT 1 REDMAG 1.8" SSD - 64GB 1 RED STATION REDMAG 1.8" 1 DSMC TRAVEL CHARGER 1 SCARLET-X W/SIDE SSD AND LENS MOUNT - Canon ALS
  4. **Camera Test I shot this all with Natural light. I had the camera for the weekend and so I was alone in this shoot and with my limited time I wasn't able to really control the natural light like I would want to. Nevertheless it was a good shoot, I wanted to push the camera to the very dark and bright places. **Concept Idea I want to make a kind of poetic visual and lyrical film. Think, Terrence Malick. This is a proof of concept. Please leave comments with Ideas, thoughts, questions. I shot this handheld without a rig. Some shots are pretty shaky, I'm sorry. Thank you for your time. Color Corrected, no CG RED-Scarlet Zeiss 50mm (All night time shots, house INT) Tokina 11-16mm Canon 70-200mm
  5. Hey all, I'm a film student and i just bought a used sekonic light meter 758d. I wanted to match it with the red scarlet i'm usually using for shooting. So i set up a 18% greycard and used false colors in Redcolor3 view to match the mid grey (green color on the card). Camera was set to 640 ISO, 25 fps, 1/50, f8. After i took a reflective reading with my sekonic i found that i should set it to 320 ISO, 25fps, 180 degree, to match the f8. Anyway after turning false colors off i found the image of the greycard way darker than i expected. I also tryed to expose a skin tone on the same lighting setup (on f 5,6 to get it properly exposed) and still seemed a bit underexposed. Then i decided to try matching the light meter in Raw view. After i got green on the card with false colours turned on i swithced back to Redcolor and i had much better feeling with the image. So my first question is, am i doing something wrong to match my sekonic or is there a better or more acurate way to do it ? Second, should i match it in raw view or redcolor3 when considering, that the clipping and crashing levels are the same in both modes ? Sry for my english :)
  6. Hi, I am about to shoot a short movie with the Red Scarlet. Prior to that, we will shoot some 8mm footage. During one scene, a character is going to start a super 8mm projector and then go in front of it (in the projected image) and interact with the character from the super 8mm footage. I am aware of the "scanning line" problem due to the rolling shutter of the Scarlet. My solution was to film the super 8mm footage with a non-rolling shutter camera. (I believe it is the cheap alternative to a scan) And then cheat the projection with a digital projector, pretending it comes from the super 8mm projector. Do you think it would work? Would it look fake? My main goal though would be to be able to see the super 8mm projector rolling and its image in the same shot. I was wondering what would be my other options? Thanks for your advices, Marie
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