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  1. I'd love some feedback. I was DP and Director in this short film.
  2. Joel, That's a nice guide! Very cool build, I guess what I miss in flexible custom build I gain on incredibly ease and speed. I do wish I could make a circular one though.
  3. Hello, I'm curious if anyone has ever tried using this. I did and found it awesome. Of course I ran into Roger Deakins "light ring" he uses on set. And since I don't have a gaffer and didn't want to get too crazy I thought of how I could build this myself and came up with this idea of using a power strip with adapter sockets for lightbulbs. It gives me a on/off button and I can hook it up to a dimmer... Anyone ever done something like this?
  4. Hey, Just a thought, I felt like you had really strong compositions and lighting felt very natural... The only shot I didn't like was the boy outside. The second to last picture. I don't know but it felt flat and had no style to me, specially compared to the other ones. I agree with Daniel (above) on the color too.
  5. Hello, I was looking for storytelling feedback as it relates to lighting, composition, blocking... This was a simple shoot I did with a neighbor for an Idea I had. Comments welcomed 🙂 thanks
  6. Just wanted to share a video. My first one in tackling some Cinematography ideas and topics. I think I'll do a series of these. Looking for feedback on the value of this video for young filmmakers and DPs looking to apply their knowledge and new knowledge to their tool kit!
  7. Thanks Ali, it's a super cool topic that touches almost everyone today.
  8. Sorry screwed that up, Jeff was a programmer, he was lead software engineer Bill English was hardware. He built the mouse. They were the 2 top dogs under Doug
  9. Yeah it is! In fact the first one ever made. Built by Jeff Rulifson from Doug's invention! And that's the most basic thing he invented.
  10. Hi all, I had the pleasure of being the a Cinematographer for the bio doc on Douglas Engelbart. (The only reason you're typing on a computer is because of this guy!) Let me know your thoughts and questions. Thanks
  11. haha yeah no problem. I just now finally got around to fixing it lol
  12. Bruce, here it is. I actually changed it quite a bit. Let me know your thoughts, I decided to keep this reel for my Narrative work only and keep it as short as possible. Thanks for your feed back man.
  13. IT'S LIVE!!!!!! Check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davisilveira/focusmark-focus-pulling-tool-for-filmmakers Spread the word!
  14. FocusMark is here! First promo video leading up to our end of September Kickstarter launch. Check out the prototype, a glimpse of what is to come! We're excited to bring this reliable, quality filmmaking tool to you!
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