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Found 5 results

  1. I'm lost on what type of resume I need. I know eventually you'll get jobs based on recommendations, but I'm not there yet. Right now I have two types of resumes. For example one resume has my job experience of when I worked in my school's library, working at a movie theater, and my current job working as a PA at a news tv station. My other resume ONLY has PROJECTS I've worked on and what position I was. I dont have many in my post school career, but I'm starting to rack up a couple of professional PA gigs. My thought process was I should sort of make a combination of these two? To show for example if I was applying for a paid internship at a media company showing I have practical real life working experience and qualifications, or if applying for a gig showing that and experience with projects I've worked on. Anyone have any advice?
  2. If you were looking for grips or an AC and I sent you a resume would you be more interested in: 1) a list of numerous projects Ive worked on UNDER the respective title - So I'd just list project names I've worked on, the more specific role I did, and the year - example: Grip & Electric: - Key Grip, "Project Name" Year My concern about this way is even if I have a good handful of projects I've worked on and the roles I've done, someone I'm sending it to might look at this and say "so what? I haven't even heard of that project?" and that it's not substantial enough or 2) a list of the responsibilities and experience of equipment and such I HAVE under that respective title instead? -example: Assistant Camera: - "Title" - 1st AC- responsibilities; equipment worked on Which of these would be better to go with? I originally went with the first one and then had a separate section down below listing the equipment I've worked with. Also my other question is, If I don't have a substantial list of either category "Assistant Camera" or "Grip" but have a lot of experience, should I still put them on separate resumes even though they'd be shorter (for now)? I've always been told not to put Assistant Camera and Grip on same resume Thoughts?
  3. Hey Everyone! My name is Seth Compton, and I want to be on your camera team! I'm a hard worker with a large knowledge of industry standard gear & protocol who is eager to help push your camera team to the next level. I have experience in a variety of aspects in our industry from manufacturing to production. I guarantee you will find me to be one of the best, most friendly AC's you've worked with. I come with a full complement of tools to build/tech almost any set-up, and have references on the ready to back me up. I am currently working towards my union hours goal in order to become Local 600, so I figured why not reach out to this community and see if anyone is willing to give me a try. Attached is my resume if anyone wants to take a look. I look forward to seeing some of you on set! Cheers, Seth **Edit** Here is a link to the trailer for the most recent film I worked on. Enjoy! Seth Compton Resume V2.pdf
  4. Hi everybody, I'm wondering if anybody has some advise on how an AC resume should look like. Should I put my education and formative experiences? Should I only put the filmography and only the more importants jobs or should I put students films too? Any other advise is more than welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. Here is my updated resume. Djon Scott 716 Zimalcrest Dr Apt 1114 Columbia , SC 29210-6569 (718) 313-8452 info@djonscott.com djonscottdp@gmail.com My name is Djon Scott and I am a filmmaker located in New York City and Columbia, South Carolina. Resume TV/FILM Don Peyote(Camera Operator/Key Grip) TV Drama Director:Dan Fogler Killer Women(Photographer) TV Series Director:Hannah Shakespeare The Haves And The Have Nots(Light Assistant) TV Series Director:Tyler Perry Good Deeds(Still Photographer) TV Drama Director:Tyler Perry The Originals(Still Photographer) TV Series The Freemason(Still Photographer) Director:Sohrab Mirmont Solace(Focus Puller) Short Film Director:Tchaiko Omawale 20 Feet From Stardom(Graffer) Documentary Director:Morgan Neville Close Your Eyes(Grip) Short Drama Director:Sonia Maifa Hated(Key Grip) Australia TV Drama Director:Lee Madsen Mac & Devin Go To High School(Still Photographer) TV Comedy Director:Dylan Brown Music Videos Maino ft Jadakiss - What Happened(Key Grip/Assistant DP) Joey BadA$$ - Waves(Still Photographer/Assistant Camera Operator) Audio Push ft Joey BadA$$ - Tis The Season(Photographer/Assistant DP/Visual Effects) Audio Push - Shine(Key Grip) Education Graduate, with honors from Brooklyn College School Of Film 2009-2013 -A student of the renowned -Member of the I.A.T.S.E 667 -Steadycam Workshop -High Definition Seminar Hobbies And Interests Reading, writing, history, traveling, music, Scuba-diving and sailing. All the film related stuff and some major interests in Politics.Philosophy and science at it in quest for truth. Skills Experience with Junior Steadycam, underwater filming/lighting, Car hood/door mounts, jib arms, Gear-Head. Lambda 6-axis head, probe lenses Cameras Canon 5D Mark II, Sony Alpha, & Canon C100 References Demo Reel and References available upon request. Djon Scott Resume.pdf
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