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  1. I see. I guess I'm just uses to being on smaller things. Mainly decent sized commercials or reality shows. I've seen columns for cast or director but the contact info isn't listed just that person's individual call. I just find it harder when I'm sent on a run and can't contact anyone because I'm so used to callsheets with everyone's info. Until I need to call someone and have no way of doing so. Guess I'll need to get used to it. Thank you! Just wanted to know why it was such a secret. Nobody would even tell me why.
  2. I'm just confused because I get them on basically everything I've worked on. Is there an epidemic of pa's using everyone's contact info? If that's the case nobody should get the callsheet with contact information.
  3. Anyone have any idea why I wouldn't receive a callsheet? I'm a production assistant and with the show I was on today it is now the second show I've worked where none of the pa's were given a callsheet. Now I receive all the necessary information in the callsheet body email. I know what time to be where and what we eat. I'm mostly talking about the physical document with crew names and contact information and the schedule breakdown. I worked a production late in 2020 for about a month it was union and never once did any pa get a "callsheet" we were usually just given a time the day before. When I asked why I was told because its a union show. That's it. When I asked what that has to do with anything I was given very vague answers. Nobody in productions will answer the question if this happens.
  4. Hello! I typically work as a production assistant I'm kind of new I'll be coming up on two years at the end of this year. Anyways apparently I'm lucky because I rarely if ever have to deal with invoices. I'm usually sent a timecard to fill in start time, breaking for lunch, back from lunch, and wrap time. Recently I've had invoices come up alot, and I have done them before, but when you work O.T. or have a meal penalty on an invoice do you physically calculate that into the rate you write in? Or do you just write in a little description like "pa commercial 3 days" something like that and write your normal rate and then production "knows" we went over those days? I dont know I'm used to in this situation just putting all of those into individual cells on a time card and then when I get my paystubs I make sure they calculated my O.T. and anything else into the price breakdown. I don't know maybe I'm overthinking it, but I've had a production try to under pay me once I dont know if it was intentional, but I'm just really particular about making sure I get everything I'm owed.
  5. I'll keep it short because its alot of information. Basically I'm key pa on a show right running from January - May. It's a amaller show with about 15-17 crew and including talent it's about 25 people maximum. We've been using the same caterer the entire time and a vast majority of the crew have been disappointed by the drop in quality. As far as I know the proper people have been told. However nobody from production is in this country they are all running things remotely. I dont believe its because of covid they just didnt make the trip. So as key obviously I'm speaking with the pm and pc and occasionally the lp about my float, picking this up, picking that up, picking up lunch on certain days etc. So I have some sort of relationship digitally with them. My question is recently we had an absolutely terrible day on set. We were shooting in the middle of nowhere and had a different catering than usual which turned out to be worse than what we had. Because we were in the middle of nowhere we had extra "locals" on set like a fire captain, police captain, medic, and a few others. So we had about 8 strangers that we weren't used to. Almost none of them followed any covid protocol whatsoever and our covid officer was off taking hikes. Once we had breakfast and lunch it was absolutely offensive at the lack of options and the quality of food. Among a plethora of other issues with the day that production dropped the ball on. My question is I'm just the key pa is it acceptable for me to send an email to the people in charge and tell them exactly what me and a few others experienced? Alot of times the ad would communicate with them about certain issues to be resolved. The ad knows about some of things going on yesterday, but he was also overwhelmed by the scope of the day. Should I go ahead and try to compose an email about covid safety concerns and how a few crewmembers didnt really eat lunch we just ate crafty snacks all day while exhausted and dirty in the middle of nowhere. Do I have that right to "complain"?
  6. Appreciate the advice! That's all I'm trying to figure is I wanna know when I'm being mistreated or maybe this is normal. There really isn't a book you kinda just figure it out.
  7. It was catering, so I got to buy myself something at the closest spot which was Wendy's. Long story short I don't really work on that show anymore. There are numerous problems with the way it is organized again, it's a very small crew it's MAYBE 20 total, and its non union reality. I'm starting to realize a "producer" in reality doesn't seem to take much intelligence or knowledge as the same position on a commercial, a game show, or narrative.
  8. Copy that! Whenever possible I am trying to buddy up with coordinators of managers, but often times in my experience they are just back in the PO on their laptop or phone nonstop and I rarely see them on set. At least on the things I've worked on, and I know what I want to do in my career and obviously understand you don't just walk into it. As of now I'm focused on working in any capacity and learning and doing any job on set to pay the bills/ fund my own projects.
  9. I moved from Sacramento to LA about three ish months before covid shutdown life. I was working semi consistently and moved with one friend from school, but while on set was just trying to meet more people just to find friends in a new city. While not working I was hunting down weekly festivals and was going to go to a writing workshop but they always met while I was on set. I planned to do that after we wrapped, but we never did because covid got shutdown until mid July and you know the rest. Amazingly I've worked pretty consistently ether through a recommendation or jobs via staffmeup. Definitely grateful I've met some great people there. I have been writing a lot and just sharpening my skills reading and things like that, but unfortunately it pains me to say this but I don't think the people I moved here with from film school are as "down" for a lack of a better term as I am to just creating to create. So it has forced me to try and find others which I have now just people I've met on set who are kind of getting reality show fatigue and want to create and work on larger productions to learn more. It's really a long story, but I appreciate your feedback and insight! Occasionally I can help the camera department on some of the smaller shows I would work on the DP on one in particular loves me. I don't want to use the covid excuse but it has definitely stopped if not completely altered plans or careers.
  10. Anyone have any tips on getting pa work? I move to LA from Sacramento almost a year ago and despite covid have been working pretty consistently. I'm grateful that I've been lucky enough to continue to work and dont mind being a pa since I'm still relatively new to work professionally. I've made connections that have gotten me numerous gigs either for a day or 2 or length of the show. However all I've worked is reality TV and one commercial and music video sprinkled in. I've definitely let it be known my true passion is in scripted tv and film and I've never worked one of those before. Are there any other tips I could possibly try to get into that world? I've talked to many people who warn me not to get trapped in reality. I feel I'm very good at what I do and would just love an opportunity on a film or scripted show because I'm starting to feel stuck in reality.
  11. Thank you! I just didn't know if it was different or not for filling out for invoice vs timecard. I'll circle back with payroll.
  12. Hello all! I am still relatively new to all of this, and I'd like to think I have a general idea of overtime rates and things of that nature,but usually I just fill out timecards. I just wrapped a 19 hour shoot day and have absolutely no idea how to fill out this invoice. I've done it before but do you actually write in OT somewhere? Because you're just putting days you worked not times. I'm a PA and worked a gig with a 230/12 rate and worked 19 hours. 2pm - 10:00 am. 1st meal at 5pm second meal at midnight. Is there a producer or literally anyone who can show me a template I can use to be able to calculate this type of stuff and make sure I'm getting paid correctly?
  13. Just a little about my background. I'll be turning 25 next month and I worked as a pa at a news station for about 2 years before I moved to LA. I was doing everything from editing, shooting, floor directing, etc in the live often hectic live news. I got tired of news and had an opportunity and quit and worked as a pa on a reality show. Then got another opportunity to moved down in January of this year for another show in LA running until March so I moved. Didnt finish because covid hit a few weeks before wrap. We eventually finshed then I got another show, a car commercial, and then 3 more shows and I'm starting another running through spring 2021 coming up soon. My initial goal was because I've ONLY worked reality or competition shows I wanted to get on something scripted before I tried to make the jump (whatever that is) after being a pa. Not to be arrogant but I feel my time in news prepared me more than your average pa on a shoot for the very first time amd yes I know they are very different worlds. However for whatever reason I feel like even without that experience on something scripted where responsibilities are very different I feel I might be ready to advance or perhaps I could be burnt out. I'm a person who enjoys working and I've done alot of shoots lately where there is 2 hours of work in a 14 hour day so I'm mostly hanging out and I enjoy working for my money not standing around. Anyway although grateful and have done my fair share of insane tasks as a pa I think I want to start looking to start something else. My end goal is I'd love to work up to director, but I can see myself as a 2nd ad in the near future or even a key pa for now. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or if there is even a way to advance or is just luck meeting the right person at the right time? Again I want to stress I'm not ungrateful getting work and I know I'm still very young and have been lucky enough to work more during covid then I ever did. Sorry started rambling I hope this made sense.
  14. Good to know great information! I primarily work on reality I've only been fulltime freelancing for about a year currently on my 4th show. Before that I was working at a tv news station doing a variety of jobs for almost two years. I was able to meet another pa a few weeks ago and we became fast friends and she recommended me for a big budget commercial for a day. That was an eye opening experience and I made an impression on the coordinator, so hopefully that can be my break to break out of reality sometime down the line. I am grateful to be working anything in these times and it seems like it's mostly just reality shows shooting right now, but I'll definitely follow theae helpful tips. Thanks everyone!!!
  15. Thank you so much for your insight! Is there a specfic way to get into union work? Everything I've ever been offered/worked has been non union. Union work is like Narnia to me and just about everyone I've come across. Is it just suddenly a union job may appear forcing you to join to work it? I honestly don't even know how the union really works I'd appreciate any information or a point in the direction to find information!
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