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  1. Good to know great information! I primarily work on reality I've only been fulltime freelancing for about a year currently on my 4th show. Before that I was working at a tv news station doing a variety of jobs for almost two years. I was able to meet another pa a few weeks ago and we became fast friends and she recommended me for a big budget commercial for a day. That was an eye opening experience and I made an impression on the coordinator, so hopefully that can be my break to break out of reality sometime down the line. I am grateful to be working anything in these times and it seems like it's mostly just reality shows shooting right now, but I'll definitely follow theae helpful tips. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Thank you so much for your insight! Is there a specfic way to get into union work? Everything I've ever been offered/worked has been non union. Union work is like Narnia to me and just about everyone I've come across. Is it just suddenly a union job may appear forcing you to join to work it? I honestly don't even know how the union really works I'd appreciate any information or a point in the direction to find information!
  3. I am a pa and recently worked on a show during the load in week before shooting. It was to my understanding that even walk away lunches were to be reimbursed. Apparently I was informed that if it's a one hour walk away even on a 12 hour day it isn't? I thought legally we had to be fed? Does anyone know anything about this and if it's a lie who do you talk to when you're a non union pa?
  4. Yeah a similar thing ended up happening. It's a very very small crew and it was actually our covid officer who was pushing and fighting for me to take my lunch because the crew had lunch on set hours prior when I returned from all my runs, and he told me that they'll take advantage of people who don't know because of inexperience.
  5. Gotcha thanks! It's a non union show if that helps, and as a pa it's always a strange fine line of trying to stand up for yourself to superiors while also not trying to sound like a problem person.
  6. Long story cut very short. I'm a production assitant and I've done a few gigs and one reality show. I'm working on another show, and I had a call of 8am but was in runs all day. I was told around 2pm that while on my runs to grab lunch. While I was trying to do that I was rushed back to set and never got it. I got back to set sround 3 and they assumed I had eaten then at 3:30 they finally broke me. Don't I have to eat by hour 6?
  7. I'm lost on what type of resume I need. I know eventually you'll get jobs based on recommendations, but I'm not there yet. Right now I have two types of resumes. For example one resume has my job experience of when I worked in my school's library, working at a movie theater, and my current job working as a PA at a news tv station. My other resume ONLY has PROJECTS I've worked on and what position I was. I dont have many in my post school career, but I'm starting to rack up a couple of professional PA gigs. My thought process was I should sort of make a combination of these two? To show for example if I was applying for a paid internship at a media company showing I have practical real life working experience and qualifications, or if applying for a gig showing that and experience with projects I've worked on. Anyone have any advice?
  8. It is a student project I'll be graduating soon, so it'll be the last project I do for free. It's just this is really the only job I don't have much experience in
  9. So I've been a number of different sets as Director,Producer,Grip, Sound, Gaffer etc. I've been on set with some good AD and some bad ones. I'm gonna be on a six-day shoot in a few days. I've done all the pre production work already, but I was wondering how should I start the first day? What should I bring? I'll have a clipboard with copies of the script, shooting schedules, and call sheets. If anyone has experience in this position I'd really appreciate it. I don't know why I am so nervous about it. It's the most important job on set and I've been trusted to do it with no experience.
  10. I have recently been asked to take on the job of being a 1st A.D. on a short film I'll be working on. I have been able to find pretty much everything else online, but can't seem to find an in depth way to breakdown a script in 8th's. For example do I just draw the line AFTER EVERY scene? When do I start the breakdown on the first page of the script. I am very confused by this. If anyone can describe it in detail, or provide me with a link that really goes into this I'd appreciate it.
  11. I've searched online but can't get a clear answer. My question is how do shows such as vice go around filming people literally making drugs and not hiding their face how is that legal? Why is the person doing it not in jail especially since most of the time they explain every detail of their operation?
  12. Yes it will be screened in a theater and submitted to festivals, but it is a mention of it a character needs to return a movie to blockbuster and holds up the vhs case with the logo.
  13. Everyone that appeared on screen had the proper releases signed, and are aware this will be on tv and the internet for this organization. Thank you for the information everything you said makes sense and I will definitely let them know because they keep asking for the footage.
  14. I am pretty sure they didn't have a contract with the school but I can surely ask. They got releases from the parents to use the children in the commercial. Like I said the class was just designed for us to deal with clients and make a commercial and that's what I did, but now they want the footage. What I'm starting to see is that I guess I'm not in the wrong to ask them for something if they want the footage, and I'd love for them to hire me int he future for a paid job. As far as I know the only contracts were from parents allowing their kids to be filmed that is it. The crew was just a few friend volunteers and I never signed a contract with the client and I never gave them one.
  15. I am producing a student short this summer, and it takes place in the late 90's. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction to see if we can use blockbuster. I've spoken to a few copyright lawyers the ones I can get to call me back, and they said since it is out of business we should be ok but they aren't sure. Does anyone know where I can go or who can talk to and find out for sure?
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