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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm getting the hardware to make wall spreaders out of 2x4s. But I'm anticipating a problem. The maximum length 2x4 my vehicle can handle is 8 feet. Is it safe to join a couple of 2x4s to make a longer span for the wall spreader? As I'm not seeing any 2x4 coupling hardware, I'm thinking maybe this just shouldn't be done.
  2. In the film "Double Indemnity" Fed MacMurray is standing in the home of Barbara Stanwyck. Strong shafts of light are beautifully streaming down. I was told that John Seitz used metal filings (Possibly aluminum) to create that effect. This would not appear to be safe for anyone to inhale. I am thinking that Rosco fluid may be a safe alternative but may be a little difficult to obtain the correct diffusion. Might someone have another suggestion for a safe material which might remain airborne?
  3. Hey Guys, This is my first post so forgive me if my format is incorrect or if I am missing information. My name is Chris and I’ve been working in film for a few years now. I started of by volunteering my time to a local production house here in Kansas and eventually I was able to turn that into profit. Being in the industry for the amount of time that i have been I have learned that the game is supposed to be sold and not told. I understand this however, I am doing my best to continue the learning process. being in a smaller market the gigs tend to reflect as such. To a degree I feel like there is no teacher like experience but where I stand is that I want to be prepared for these experiences. That being said I am considering branching of into different markets to see if there is more official training available. I already understand a lot of the basics like names of equipment, stands, how to operate stands and things of that nature but that is not to say that I’ve come across everything nor do i know each markets terminology for items. My question to you all is do you know of any official training, courses, seminars, or workshops being offered that I may be able to attend? Book recommendations would be appreciated as well. I would be interested in learning things like rigging, dolly operation, and most importantly safety. I do live in Kansas but I am willing to travel anywhere to help advance my career. Thanks! -Chris P.S. I understand the thought of working up under people and soaking up what they have to offer (thats what I have been doing). My problem with this is that people will only tell you either what they want you to know or what you need to know to get the job done.
  4. Dear All, I will be shooting in an Astronomic facility located at 16,000 ft above sea level. The idea is to bring a couple of Joker 800 watts. Does anyone know if there is any risk to shoot in a low oxygen environment that needs to be taken into consideration for safety and if the lights will ignite and work ? Thank you very much for your advice. Regards, Alejandro Alcocer DOP Mexico City http://www.alejandroalcocer.com
  5. Hi everyone, I'm going to setup a Briese Light 220 on an exterior shoot, and I need to know how can I avoid to him fall down with the wind! (It's not a windy place). I've 100 kgs of Sand bags but I would like to strap them on some trees or if it's not possible on the ground! What should I use if I the trees are to far and the ground situation is the only possibility? Thanks by your time, Bruno
  6. Hey guys, My client and I are currently in the process of storyboarding a safety induction video for a large electrical company. The script is basic with telling new employees about the danger of electrical gear and the hazards associated with day to day activities. My client wants to make this as interesting as possible as the target audience is around 20-25 years old. In order to make it interesting and different to the other hundreds of safety videos, what can we do differently? The budget is not a problem so there's no limits to your ideas. We can hire visual effects teams if need be, or hire equipment such as dolly's to create movement. Thanks in advance! Jordan Watson
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