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Found 5 results

  1. Price for the complete package: 10600 euros Located in Budapest, shipping preferably inside Europe but open to other options. Open to sell separately the two cameras or the two lenses as a kit. All the details and pictures in the text below: Sony FS7 MkII camera in well used condition with the following extra accessories: Microphone Holder Sony BC-U1 Battery Charger Sony BP-U60 Battery 2pcs Sony XQD 128GB Memory card 2pcs Sony XQD USB adapter Sony PXW-FS7 Hand Grip Sony Extension Arm Sony FS7 II Viewfinder Clamp Sony PXW-FS7 Eyepiece Sony PXW-FS7 LCD Viewfinder SmallRig Top plate Memory card case Everything works fine, all the pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/tf8h3uv2p4gkwuwo3n5fh/h?dl=0&rlkey=u6c1ky4lo8gekw7e5598voytj Total working hours 1357h Two small marks/sctraches on the display. See the pictures. Ser. No: 0030166 Sony FS7 MkII camera in well used condition with the following extra accessories: Microphone Holder Sony BC-U1 Battery Charger Sony BP-U60 Battery 2pcs Sony XQD 128GB Memory card 2pcs Sony XQD USB adapter Sony PXW-FS7 Hand Grip (damaged, missing the wheel knob and a small crack on the bottom, see pictures) Sony Extension Arm Sony FS7 II Viewfinder Clamp Sony PXW-FS7 Eyepiece Sony PXW-FS7 LCD Viewfinder SmallRig Top plate Memory card case Everything works fine, missing the rubber padding on the bottom, all the pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/yhbi1k53mkf58s3yksiwy/h?dl=0&rlkey=9y6cplagvr3asp1j6b34uhze9 Total working hours 1454h One scratch on the display. See the pictures. Ser. No: 0030165 Selling a set of two Zoom Lenses with E-Mount: -Fujinon MK18-55mm T2.9 Lens (Sr.No.:75A01007) -Fujinon MK50-135mm T2.9 Lens (Sr.No:77A01273) Both lenses are used, but in very good condition. They come with the following accessories Fujinon Front Lens Cap Fujinon MK Lens Hood Fujinon MK Zoom Lever Rear Lens Cap - FE/E Fit Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/2laihmxiqlv7o52dbvy8q/h?dl=0&rlkey=45nt42orbjdgg3q2fthp7sgg3
  2. Hi All, I’m about to shoot a fiction in upcoming days. And the camera options provide to me are Sony F55 or Sony FS7 M1. We would we shooting prores due to budget constraints in post. Hence I needed your inputs on which one should I select. I understand that the Sony F55 has its advantages with global shutter and raw recording with R5 extension. However as we would be primarily shooting prores, should I select F55 or FS7. Thanks, H
  3. Hi, In the current scenario, with price of C300M2 and FS7M2 almost same at around $9000, needed a suggestion as to which one to go for. The camera would be used to shoot fiction, documentaries and corporate films. Also when not in use by myself, I plan to rent it out. I understand from previous threads that producers are usually asking for FS7. Being fairly new to the industry, I needed to know if producers globally ask for FS7 or in just some specific countries. As this would be my first cinema camera, I would like to know which camera will pay for itself sooner? Thanks H
  4. Hello! I'm a director and shooter based out of Indiana. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I will try to get you an immediate response. I'm selling my Sony FS7. I purchased it as a B-Stock (a demonstration model) from B&H photo about a month ago. Perfect working condition, only has 22 hours. B&H and Adorama will tell you that anything under 100 hours for this camera is practically brand new. I'm only selling it because I honestly can't afford it right now. It's a beautiful camera. S-Log3 is gorgeous, and it shoots killer slow motion in full HD at up to 180 FPS. Photos of the camera on Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/evanburke/sets/72157654732113992 Includes all the original accessories and the box. • Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System • Body Cap • Viewfinder • Eyepiece • Grip Remote Control • Wireless LAN USB Module (IFU-WLM3) for Sony VPL-E200 Series Projectors • Wireless Remote Commander • WA Adaptor Bracket • MPA-AC1 AC Adapter for EVI D100 CCD Camera • SOBCU1 Battery Charger • BP-U30 Lithium-Ion Battery • 2 x Power Cord • USB Cable Additional accessories: • I've got a 64gb 1333x Lexar XQD card that I'll throw in for $100 • And I've got a Yongnuo EF-E adapter to let me use my Canon glass that I'll throw in for $75. Tech Specs: • Super 35 Sized CMOS Sensor • Sony E-Mount • UHD Up to 60 FPS, HD Up to 180 FPS • XVAC-I, XVAC-L, MPEG-2 • XVAC-I Up to 600 Mb/s • Dual XQD Memory Card Slots • Dual HD/3G-SDI & HDMI Output The 4K Super35 EXMOR sensor with features 14 Stops of latitude and a wide color gamut. It offers a choice of XAVC or MPEG-2 codecs. The XAVC codec can be used for 4K and HD recording, while MPEG-2 ios limited to HD recording. XAVC comes in two flavors, XVAC INTRA, and XVAC Long, allowing you to encode from HD to UHD using Intra-Frame or Long GoP compression with 10-bit 422 for HD and the choice of 10-bit 422 or 8-bit 420 for UHD. XAVC intra compression is very efficient, recording at modest bit rates and XAVC Long also substantially extends the recording time while attaining very high quality and low noise. The PXW-FS7 is equipped with an E-Mount machined from solid Stainless Steel for stability and strength. It accepts optional E-Mount lenses from Sony, Zeiss and other manufacturers. The shallow flange distance allows you to mount most 35mm lens types such as PL, DSLR and legacy SLR lenses including Canon EF, Leica, and Nikon as well as many others with mechanical adapters. The camera body is made from magnesium, which is lighter and stronger than aluminum. This allows the camera body to weigh only four pounds. It's incorporates a shoulder pad and is designed to sit on the operator's shoulder or by extending the support arm of the SmartGrip to be held in front of the operator without requiring a support rig. The camera includes an ergonomic handgrip that Sony calls a SmartGrip, which features Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls. The SmartGrip facilitates camera operation with the right hand, leaving the left hand free to operate the lens. Both the arm and handgrip can be positioned at different angles permitting great flexibility. FS7 records internally in 4K up to 60fps in UHD 3840x2160 and in HD up to 180fps using XAVC-I or up to 120fps with XAVC-L. Recording Apple ProRes to the internal XQD slots requires an optional EXCA-FS7 extension box and future upgrade. The camera features two XQD media slots that support simultaneous or relay recording. The camera also has an SD card slot that is only used for saving configuration data, and cannot be used to record video.
  5. For sale, Movi M10 bought in February 2014 (I'm going for a heavier setup so I will need the M15). First-hand. I am the only one to use it on my own projects. Very well maintained. Perfect working conditions. Presents a few surface scratches. VERY IMPORTANT: I offer a day of training to the new owner. I will give him all the advices he need to choose the right accessories for his Movi. I will be available in New York starting from 10th of January 2015. I can also make a delivery in Paris at no additional cost. Comes with: -01 x transport case Pelican/Storm Case 'Cinema Oxide' 700usd New. Waterproof and shockproof. Ideal for the transport and the protection of the Movi. Minor Surface scratches on the outside and some small pieces of missing foam in the inside. -01 xMovi MR Kit. New, never used, transforms the M10 for drone use. 300 Usd -01 x Remote control Spectrum DX8 for dual operator use with it's charger. -02 x Batteries and a charger. Enough to take more than one day of shooting. -02 x Screwdrivers. -01 x Support. -Manual. Supports cameras up to 6 kg: BlackMagic, Red Epic, Scarlet, C100, C300, C500, Sony fs7, some reflex etc. Used 90% on a Canon 5 d MKIII. Price : 6400 USD or 5400 euros Negotiable.
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