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Found 2 results

  1. Alien is a great go-to when talking about effective handheld work, but it really uses about every technique you can think of, brilliantly, I might add. I recently read Derek Vanlint's ASC magazine article about shooting the film and he mentioned they were offered a Panaglide, but refused because he and Ridley wanted to be the sole operators and couldn't learn the rig in time. Upon watching it the other night for the billionth time, I noticed I never gave much thought to one of the first shots. In the opening sequence, when the Nostromo receives its special order, and the camera is giving us an ominous tour of the ship's interior, it's all dolly work, of course, until the final slow push through the white hallway, settling on the door that opens to reveal the cryopods, before we push all the way to the threshold of that room. Was the camera underslung on some rig? Maybe a crane? the crane seems hard to fathom with the cramped four wall sets
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to find a company or crane/steadicam model that is able to transition smoothly from a crane to a steadicam operator/rig. I have a big shoot coming up and need to know if I need something made. We will need a motorized pan/tilt hot head on a 50' ish crane for a few moves before we go to steadicam - either that or an operator on the crane... I really need help and am depending on some of you more experienced DP's to have some ideas and solutions. Thanks so much - I know there must be some way to do this, or someone who has done it before. I have watched all the on-shots such as boogie nights, etc. and understand I may need an operator on the crane, which would work as well. Money is not an issue. I have been given an unlimited budget for whatever I need. Please help! me with any information on rigs, cranes, customized equipment, etc. thanks guys, zach
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