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  1. Full Kits Include: Anton Bauer VCLX Cine Battery Anton Bauer VCLX Charger Charging cable w/osha Flight Case Please email: contact.wccamera@gmail.com for photos and more information! or call: 818-779-7811
  2. I am selling a 70-200 T2.9 zoom lens that is in mint condition and has rarely been used. Covers full frame - come on by my shop in Van Nuys to take a look at it. Asking 17,000 or OBO via: PayPal or Cashiers Check Please Contact Zach at: contact.wccamera@gmail.com or call 818-779-7811 for more information. Thank you!
  3. I am selling a Cooke 15-40 s4/i T2 zoom lens. Great condition, and rarely used. I run a shop in Van Nuys and you are more than welcome to stop by and look at it. Asking Price: 29,000 OBO via: PayPal or Cashiers Check Please Contact Zach at: contact.wccamera@gmail.com or call 818-779-7811 for more information. Thank you!
  4. Can you record for 30 minutes consecutively? As in a 30 minute one take?
  5. Thanks Charles. This shot will be happening inside a theater though. So there is no way a truck will fit into that space. Is there any other way/crane that would work?
  6. well the director wants it all to be done in one shot. He won't allow any cuts. Any idea of the technical side of what kind of crane will support an operator with a steadicam? Or how he would be able to step down? I'm not sure if he would be able to operate the steadicam on a crane due to space, being supported, etc.- just trying to piece all these little things together
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to find a company or crane/steadicam model that is able to transition smoothly from a crane to a steadicam operator/rig. I have a big shoot coming up and need to know if I need something made. We will need a motorized pan/tilt hot head on a 50' ish crane for a few moves before we go to steadicam - either that or an operator on the crane... I really need help and am depending on some of you more experienced DP's to have some ideas and solutions. Thanks so much - I know there must be some way to do this, or someone who has done it before. I have watched all the on-shots such as boogie nights, etc. and understand I may need an operator on the crane, which would work as well. Money is not an issue. I have been given an unlimited budget for whatever I need. Please help! me with any information on rigs, cranes, customized equipment, etc. thanks guys, zach
  8. Does anyone know if you HAVE to use an IR on scarlets with ND? I'm shooting a short on the scarlet and trying to cram as much in front of the lens as possible, and needing an IR would probably crush that... Thanks zach
  9. Would the same apply to the daylight stock 250? Shoot at 125? Or is it necessary to overexpose that stock by one full stop..
  10. Thanks guys - I really appreciate the help. I wasn't sure if 125 would be too much, but I may run some tests and try it
  11. Hey everyone, I'm shooting a film on Kodak's 5219 500T, and want to obtain a denser negative, but am not sure how far I can overexpose. I was thinking of exposing at 400, but wondered if it would be okay to go to 320... I'm trying to achieve a lower contrast with minimal grain. Any advice would be great - I couldn't find any discussions about this, which is why I started a new topic. Thanks - z
  12. The golden rule: those who have gold make the rules. ;)

  13. Hey All - So is it best to use the highest shutter possible when shooting high frame rates? I'm shooting 240fps on the Red Epic, and was just wondering what the best shutter would be to make the smoothest, best looking slow motion. I'm shooting in a couple days, and I know it is late notice, but I thought I'd throw something up here anyway. Thanks for the help :) -z
  14. Awesome. Exactly what I needed to know. Makes sense with the shutter - I figured it'd be something along those lines thanks so much David! Always love your help.
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