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Found 4 results

  1. Hi friends Can you suggest me a subject for thesis about cinematography and television? thank you
  2. Hello everybody. This is my first post, i'm used to be more of a reader. I would like to get a little help from you, if you're willing to give your opinion : i have been a student in cinematography for almost four years now, and i'm starting to work on my master thesis. Thing is, i had quite a few ideas, but there is always something wrong : i wanted to work on minimalistic lighting, with the increase in sensitivity these years, but an older student is already on the subject. I wanted to speak of the correlation between being a dp on set and being a dp on post, for Wall E with Roger Deakins for exemple, or Life Of Pie, criticized by Doyle, this kind of problematic. But our master thesis is supposed to help us find someone to hire us, and i'm more of a set guy than a post production one. I wanted to talk about ENR, ou Bleach Bypass, but the subject is too old and so on.. So, if you could help me brainstorm around a good subject, it would be really nice of you. I'm would like to met DoP and 1st Camera Assistant, because i plan to begin as a third ac. I'm more of a core guy, interested in ratio, contrast, motivation for lighting, dynamic, latitude, t stops etc.. The core of our work, like really specific light techniques, from Rousselot (lantern) Khondji (negative lighting), more than virtual reality or these kind of things. I like the 90's movies a lot, and i'm really into analog photography amongst others things, like RAW for Digital etc. I wanted to tell you a little about myself, to help you help me. Thanks a lot guys. Hope that it will be of interest for you. (i'm french by the way, please excuse me for the potential mistakes)
  3. Hi everyone, I am a student at a film school in Milan and I have to write a final dissertation on a topic of my choice. At the moment I am interested in writing a thesis on the use of practical lights, on their merits, defects and on the close relationship that you have to establish with the art department to create a narratively effective light design. My supervisor does not want an overly technical view, but a view that speaks of what artistically involves the use of practicals and how their use evolved over time. Can you tell me if there is some book that talks about the subject exhaustively, or even documentaries, interviews and movies? Thank you in advance!
  4. NOTE: I think this could be a broad question, and most people (I hope) will have something to say but admins feel free to relocate this thread if it doesn't belong here. I'm writing a paper temporarily entitled 'Aesthetics in the Absence of Light: Storytelling Through Shadows' and have purchased several books on the film noir and horror genres and on film lighting in general. I'm finding, however, that the films referred to in the books are either too obscure and not great films or the few obvious choices. I can't watch every film in existence looking for shots that utilise shadows effectively and originally but perhaps some users on here can steer me in the right direction and could recommend a film I might have missed that has a relevant scene in it somewhere, a film that doesn't necessarily fall into the noir or horror genres, but is recognised and respected. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks, Stephen
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