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  1. Hello friends, I hope you are well and healthy, I am writing my dissertation on lighting and main character arc, but unfortunately, I can not find movies that also have lighting that are designed according to the positive and negative Main character arc (in fact, I could only find the godfather, the light changes according to the change of character. Can you introduce me to some movies? Thank you very much
  2. Hello friends I'm sorry, my questions seem obvious, but its on my mind Do you think soft or hard light was used in the opening sequence of Godfather 1? On the one hand I think the light is soft and on the other hand I think the light is hard (because of the depth of the shadows and the sharpness of the edges of the shadows ) What do you think? Thanks a lot
  3. Master Mullen, what exactly is the difference between KICKER light and EDGE light? Is it possible to give me an example with pictures? Thank you very much for your kindness
  4. Thank you very much for your comprehensive and valuable explanation, Master. You are absolutely right. In fact, one of my problems is that I have to choose films in which the character has undergone a character Arc . On the other hand, lighting should not be just a scene lighting. And have expressive functions. Also, sorry for the delay in responding, unfortunately my profile had a problem.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer, Master. Sorry I replied late. I did not have access to this site. I understand this fact. In fact, my goal is to study some of the main scenes that are purposefully designed light. For example, the opening sequence of The Godfather which uses top lighting For Marlon Brando And for Michael, soft light is used , or the breaking bad, in which Walter decides to make drugs, uses cross lighting. These are examples. Congratulations on the award. We are proud of you, Master
  6. Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, I chose the works of Vittorio Storaro. I mean when the character goes to ruin or perfection. How light reacts. Walter White, for example, in the Breaking Bad, uses soft lights first, and then hard lights when it comes to making methamphetamines .
  7. Hello dear Masters and friends I finally chose the topic of my dissertation, in this dissertation I want to examine the design of light based on the Character Arc, in other words, what is the approach of the four main properties of lighting in the face of Character Arc? Do you think this is valuable? Do you have any suggestions on this? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi dear friends and masters I need help for my master's thesis. In fact, I like the lighting and the lenses and I have a few things in the field of lighting like : Analyze the impact of dynamic lighting based on dramatic necessities The Influence of Shadows on the Storytelling Process Do you think these things are good? thank you
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