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  1. Hi dear friends and masters I need help for my master's thesis. In fact, I like the lighting and the lenses and I have a few things in the field of lighting like : Analyze the impact of dynamic lighting based on dramatic necessities The Influence of Shadows on the Storytelling Process Do you think these things are good? thank you
  2. hello dear Friends, what do you think about differences between cinematography for television(series) and for cinema? In fact, except for the aspect ratio and framing. Is there really any difference today? I hope that master Mullen Answer to my question ...in fact, My main problem is my thesis. My thesis should be about cinematography for tv , but any topic I choose is rejected by the referees because it is for cinema, not television.!! thank you ۲۲۶/۵۰۰۰
  3. In my mind, however, they may not be researchable. You're right, dear friend 🌼
  4. Thank you, dear Master, for your response. It was really useful 🌼🌷
  5. Thank you for your help, master . Your guidance was really helpful 🌷🌷
  6. Thanks for the answer. I have several subjects, but I'm always eager to consult🌷
  7. Thank you again, do you think dynamic lighting can be researchabe?
  8. Thank you friends, Agreed but My professor doesn't suggest anything
  9. Hi friends Can you suggest me a subject for thesis about cinematography and television? thank you
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