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  1. In my mind, however, they may not be researchable. You're right, dear friend 🌼
  2. Thank you, dear Master, for your response. It was really useful 🌼🌷
  3. Thank you for your help, master . Your guidance was really helpful 🌷🌷
  4. Thanks for the answer. I have several subjects, but I'm always eager to consult🌷
  5. Thank you again, do you think dynamic lighting can be researchabe?
  6. Thank you friends, Agreed but My professor doesn't suggest anything
  7. Hi friends Can you suggest me a subject for thesis about cinematography and television? thank you
  8. Hi Masters, do you know what is dynamic lighting.
  9. Reportth thanks michael and i really love your works ! what is your idea about bmpccfor every day use ?
  10. hey guys ! my question is why do you buy a camera when you can rent it ! ?? if you buy a camera like bmpcc you have to buy a lot of accessories !! with this money ! we can rent a better camera and better lenses for doing great job ! so now ! help me ! should i buy a bmpcc for 780 $$ ?? :))) thanks a lot
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