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Found 3 results

  1. I am selling this very nice, super condition swing shift lens set made by Century Clairmont.Owned by my director/friend who used it only for his work. So literary used few times.Clairmont system is by my experiences more playful then ARRI system. 24mm /445mm /2.890mm /2.8135mm /4150mm / 2.84" filter holder 15" and 19"mm rods and lens supportprice 30 000 USD.
  2. Prepping for a short and have an idea to shoot the open in tilt shift, or tilt shift effect in post. I understand that whether you actually use a TS lens or do it in post, results are best with simple subjects (people, cars, trains) at a distance and from a high angle. All that's fine for my purposes... However, I don't want time lapse. Does the effect not translate in live action? Or is there some technical reason it can't be done? I can't seem to find much video (ok any) of non-time lapse tilt shift footage. Still sussing our camera package, but budget is very low so we're likely shooting on SONY a7s if that makes a difference... Any other technical advice is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Very hard to find Arriflex Tilt-Shift lens system in excellent condition. In the fitted case there is: Tilt-Shift lens mechanism with Arri PL camera mount. Four (4) special medium format tilt-shift lenses: 24mm T4, 45mm T2.8, 90mm T2.8 & 110mm T2, flexible control shaft/knob, bridge supports for 15mm & 19mm studio rods. Rare system made by Arri Austria; no longer manufactured. This unit is in very fine shape. Allows focal plane to be tilted for placement of focus emphasis. Optical axis can be shifted on X, Y or Z axis for perspective correction or distortion, extreme macro close up shots. Asking US$ 36,000.00 obo + shipping Email me for more photos and to discuss: cp@seriousgear.com
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