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  1. I may have an XTR Plus kit for you. Please email me : cp@seriousgear.com, Thanks ! -Charles
  2. Photos of Zeiss/Kinoptik/Angenieux lens package. Note: Zeiss primes fitted with thread-in Series 9 adapters. Will include a bunch of various S9 filters.. 17.5-70 in Aaton mount. Aaton to Nikon adapter included if purchased with camera listed above.
  3. Adding additional on-board batteries and another single channel charger to Aaton LTR camera package. Mk-I speeds also will come with series 9 filters and retainers for each lens. This is a thoughtfully put-together kit. Chrosziel matte box also has a special circular tray for S9 filters in addition to a pair of 4x4" trays (one rotating). Thanks !
  4. Zeiss MK-II /Illumina Super Speed kit + Illumina 8mm T1.3/PL S16 prime. Zeiss S16 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm all Zeiss lenes in B Arri B mount with custom PL adapters. Fitted Case. All lenses MK-II style with large barrels & factory focus gears: Price: US$ 11,500.00 (disc. when packaged with camera listed elsewhere in this forum). Charles Pickel Serious Gear Co. cp@seriousgear.com
  5. USED Aaton LTR7 camera package Aaton LTR7 (# C491) Super 16 body, Aaton (AA) lens mount. Modified with color video tap (NTSC composite analog video), cables Aaton walnut handgrip ICE Film 15mm accessory support rods with hand grip mount. 3 x 400' LTR film magazines Media Logic Xtal speed control (.001 fps accuracy) Aaton to Arri bayonet lens mount adapter 2x Aaton 12vdc on board batteries (newly refurbished with Ni-Cad cells) 1x PAG mini charger (single channel charger) Lenses not included. Price: US$ 3600.00 or best offer >>>PHOTOS USED Camera Accessories (optional) Aaton 200mm eyepiece extension, exc. condition: $ 450.00 NP-1 Battery system: Custom Aaton to NP-1 on board battery adapter (w/LEMO 6-pin accessory power tap), PAG 4-place NP-1 charger (NO Batteries - best to purchase new). Price: $ 350.00 Sachtler 7+7 V18 "Caddy" fluid head with 2-stage carbon-fiber legs, floor spreader, padded road bag: $ 2495.00 Preston Micro Force zoom control w/hand controller (V+F), Y-cable, Heden motor, Oppenheimer panhandle mount: $ 1650.00 Chrosziel matte box 2-stage 4x4 : $ 350.00 Chrosziel LW follow focus (single sided): $ 300.00 USED Optics: Canon 11.5-138mm T2.6 S16 zoom lens (Aaton mount) incl. factory 4x4 filter holder/sunshade: $ 3900.00 (disc. when packaged w/camera) >>PHOTO Zeiss 12-120mm T2.4 zoom lens (Arri B mount, use with Arri B to Aaton adapter incl. w/camera): $ 3200.00 (disc. when packaged w/camera) Zeiss/Angenieux/Kinoptik Lens Package: Zeiss S16 super speeds: 9.5, 12, 16, 25mm T1.3/B mount & aftermarket focus gears, Angenieux 17.5-70mm T2.4 S16 zoom lens Aaton mount, Kinoptik 5.7mm T2.3 super wide angle S16 lens Arri std/Aaton adapter incl. + Aaton to Nikon lens mount adapter (for telephotos longer than 75mm). Ang. zoom is in average shape, all other lenses in very good to exc. condition: $ 5900.00 for the whole kit (disc. when packaged with camera). Charles Pickel Serious Gear Co. cp@seriousgear.com
  6. Hi Derek, We have a full set of MK-II Zeiss speeds augmented with an 8mm T1.3/PL Illumina prime (covers S16, unlike the Zeiss 8mm which does not). Please email me at : cp@seriousgear.com. Thanks ! -Charles
  7. Now listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303242104330?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I would accept $ 7200.00 for the lens in Aaton or Arri B mount, $7600.00 in PL mount.
  8. Offered for sale is an extremely scarce and desirable Canon 6.6-66mm T2.7 Super-16 format zoom lens. This is the 3rd and final generation of wide S16 zooms created by Canon in conjunction with Suzuki Enterprises, the Aaton agents for Japan. It replaced the Canon 7-63mm & 8-64mm wide angle units that broke new ground in terms of resolution, contrast and compactness in S16 optics. This is the so-called "Hurt Locker" lens (not the actual lens, but the same type). Currently mounted in Aaton (AA) mount, it can be supplied in various factory Canon lens mounts as follows: Canon 6.6-66mm T2.7 lens in Aaton (AA mount) : US$ 7200.00 Canon 6.6-66mm T2.7 lens in Arri B (Bayonet) mount: US$ 7600.00 Canon 6.6-66mm T2.7 lens in Arri PL mount : US 7900.00 Lens is in pristine condition, optically and mechanically. Includes older molded plastic case.
  9. Hi Evan, My company used to manufacture them, I have one complete kit left with 6" thread-in rods. All hard-anodized aluminum. email me: <cp@seriousgear.com> for photos and price. Thanks, looking fwd to hearing from you.
  10. Very clean Zeiss/Arri 14mm T2 PL mount prime. Wide angle, low distortion. Lens has clean glass and has been professionally maintained. Price: US $4500.00 or best offer.
  11. Offered for sale: Good used Zeiss/Arri 9.5mm T1.3 super speed lens in Arri B mount. Adapters available for Aaton or PL (at additional cost). Supplied with RARE Arri Aspheron (actually made by Kern, Switzerland) which converts this already wide S16 lens to 5.6mm with adequate coverage for Super 16 format ! It is amazing. The Aspheron is flawless, the 9.5mm has some light cleaning marks on front coatings (not scratches to glass). These have no effect on photographic results. Lens & converter are a spectacular combo with incredibly low geometric distortion. Priced at US $ 1995.00 for the package. Adapters additional. Screen shot thru S16 viewfinder showing format coverage on request : <cp@seriousgear.com>
  12. Selling a very nice classic Cooke 18-100mm T3 /PL zoom lens with 19mm support & rods in fitted case. Fresh service report from top technician. Your refundable purchase deposit gets you full access to the report, which recommends no service at this time. What's in the box: USED Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3/PL zoom lens Clamp ring support with mount for Heden servo motor Lens support bridge; 19mm Pair 19mm x 440mm support rods Clamp-on lens shade & filter holder (138mm round) Rubber matte box donut fitted case Your Price: US$ 9750.00>>>Offers considered
  13. Owner has agreed to reduce his price on this Package to US$ 11,750.00. May be open to offers. PM or email me at <cp@seriousgear.com>
  14. We have for sale an unusual configuration of the classic Zeiss 10-100mm T2 16mm format zoom lens. This 10-100mm unit is equipped with a factory Zeiss Mutar 2x telextender with PL mount adapter, making it a 20-200mm T4 that not only covers 2K/Super-16 format , but clears 3K on RED as well. You may even find it usable at the long end at 4K. It is a wacky but cool setup. A true compact telephoto zoom. Fitted with oversize zoom gear and Zoom motor mounting bracket if desired. Yours for US$ 2950.00
  15. Offering for sale, a very nice used Micro Force V+F zoom control with Heden M26T servo motor & Y-cable wired for the camera system of your choice: KIT INCLUDES: Preston Micro Force V+F controller Heden M26T servo motor with large & small lens gears (cinema gear pitch: 0.8 metric module) Preston Y-cable (choice of power connectors, price varies, see below) Oppenheimer articulating pan handle grip Swing-arm motor mount for 15/19mm rods PRICING: -Configured for Arriflex film cameras (12VDC Fischer 11-pin connector): US$ 1600.00 -Configured for Aaton film cameras (12VDC LEMO 6-pin) : US$ 1600.00 -Confirgured for Anton Bauer P-Tap (12VDC Lentequip SafeTap with circuit protection): US$ 1675.00
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