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  1. Earlier posters are correct in saying the Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 zoom is a Standard 16mm lens. Cooke released a Super-16 version: 10.4-52mm T2.8, but it is a relatively rare lens. UK firms: Optex & Abakus offered S16 conversions for the lens. I will soon have available the Cooke/Abakus unit: 10.8-60mm T2.6 in , I believe Aaton mount. Please email me if interested. Thanks ! -Charles Pickel <cp@seriousgear.com>
  2. We have for sale a gorgeous 35BL EVOLUTION system (mods by P+S TEchnik, Munich). This has the extremely bright swing-over finder & super-quiet variable pitch movement. Video assist needs to be sorted, but otherwise is in marvelous condition. email me for photos and details. Thanks ! -Charles <cp@seriousgear.com>
  3. Giorgio, I am in the USA, not EU, But I have a gorgeous Arri 325BL Evolution with full P+S viewfinder & variable pitch EVOLUTION movement (Did P+S offer a 2 or 3-perf version of this, maybe they can convert ?). email me if interested, for pictures and pricing. It will be very reasonable. Thanks -Charles cp@seriousgear.com
  4. Now listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303589846902?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I will give a better deal to Cinematography.com users than eBay bidders, because: no eBay fees...
  5. I can set folks up with a limited number of Aaton on-board batteries (either 12v or 16vdc) with appropriate charger & aux power cable (4-pin XLR) at reasonable prices. But not free.
  6. FOR SALE an excellent CP2/PL mount cine lens. Scarce Macro version of 50mm T2.1 CP2. Continuous focus down to 1:2 macro magnification. Close focus is about 4" from front ring. Exposure compensation for max close focus is engraved on the focus scale ( about 3/4 stop). Lens just had CLA and is very clean. Glass is perfect. There are a few faint stains on front trim rings. PL mount, no case. PRICE: US$ 3700.00 obo. Charles Pickel cp@seriousgear.com
  7. You are most welcome ! Full disclosure: David bought this nice late-production XTR Prod from me. It is a rare beauty. I hope you can pinpoint the source of this issue. Let's be in touch ! -Best, -Charles
  8. My only thought is: Yes, this is the claw side of the film channel where the time code LED's are. If the ASA (ISO) on the light meter is not set for the correct ISO of your film, the LED's may be producing an overly bright image, which could perhaps conduct through the film base (halation). Color of late-production Aaton LED matrix is yellow. It is worth checking out, hope this helps. -Charles Pickel, www.seriousgear.com
  9. A sampling of what we have available: USED Zeiss & Illumina Mk-II Super Speeds (S16 format) Big 6-lens set: Illumina 8mm T1.3/PL; Zeiss 9,5mm, 12mm,16mm, 25mm T1.3 B mt w/PL adapters for each lens; Zeiss 50mm T1.3/PL S16 lens: SET PRICED TO SELL @ USD$ 10,500.00 firm USED Zeiss 10-100mm T2/B mt. + Zeiss Mutar 2x telextender + PL adapter. With Mutar attachment mounted, lens becomes a 20-100mm T4 that covers up to MFT (portholes a bit at telephoto end of full four-thirds frame, but OK in 16x9. Must have PL interface for your camera PRICED TO SELL @ USD$ 2250.00 FRIM
  10. Camera has now sold. Sale on lenses pending. Thanks !
  11. I may have an XTR Plus kit for you. Please email me : cp@seriousgear.com, Thanks ! -Charles
  12. Photos of Zeiss/Kinoptik/Angenieux lens package. Note: Zeiss primes fitted with thread-in Series 9 adapters. Will include a bunch of various S9 filters.. 17.5-70 in Aaton mount. Aaton to Nikon adapter included if purchased with camera listed above.
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