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  1. I think I can help. Also have Oppenheimer handles undergoing rebuild. Email: cp@seriousgear.com
  2. The 40mm Cooke lens has sold. Thanks to everyone who voiced interest.
  3. Offering for sale an amazingly clean Cooke Speed Panchro Series II 40mm lens in original Arri Standard mount. Ready for your re-barrel. Lens is pristine, almost as new, minimal wear on focu tabs and rear of barrel around rear element. Glass is clean with a few tiny coating scuffs barely visible to the naked eye. No scratches. Color is warm but not excessively yellow. Hard to find focal length. Price: $ 2950.00 Next Item is a first gen. Zeiss Arri 9.5mm super `16 T1.3 super speed in original Arri Bayonet mount. Condition is Excellent + with no discernable barrel wear. A few ti
  4. For sale is a clean fiber-optic viewing screen (non-glow) for the XTR-Prod. It offers the best all-around format combination: -Camera aperture (1:1.66) -HDTV (1:1.78) Camera aperture (scanned) and safe transmitted borders. -U.S. Theatrical wide-screen (1:1.85) corners only Price: US$ 995.00 email : cp@seriousgearcom
  5. Offering a nice Optex convterted S16 12-120mm T2.4 zoom lens in Arri B mount. Based on the Zeiss /Arriflex 10-100mm T2 zoom. It is on ebay now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303977291153 Responders from this forum can take it for US$ 3200.00 if dealing directly with me, which includes ONE adapter: either Aaton or Arri PL. More photos on request. Thanks ! -Charles cp@seriousgear.com
  6. Yes, I am in Seattle, I would be happy to take a look. Will PM you. Thanks !
  7. On early cameras, the mirror shaft gear is retained by a 1.5mm pin. On later caemras it is held by a screw. Only full disassembly will reveal the problem. Mirror could be unstable on other end of shaft which is more difficult to address.
  8. Now undergoing overhaul service in my Seattle shop. Regarding video assist: The camera is offered with Aaton "Option-R" video beam-spllitter optics installed, but no video tap unit. It is therefore ready to receive either a factory Aaton unit (one of which I have in stock) or an aftermarket solution from any number of 3rd parties. USED (serviced) Aaton XTR Plus camera, Super-16, factory PL lens mount, Option-R video optics installed. NO VIDEO ASSIST UNIT INSTALLED. 1.66:1/TV viewing screen. Included in package: 2-400' DX magazines -Aaton wooden hand grip w/extension brack
  9. Hi Steven, unfortunately no. I do have a complete ACL 1.5 kit which will shortly be listed in Marketplace.
  10. I may have an Eclair BEALA motor for you. This was Eclair's best motor, runs 24fps Xtal and also has variable speed mode. Designed by the late JP Beauviala who later founded Aaton. Powered by 12vdc through Canon 4-pin XLR plug. I can include a cable. Let me get back to you re: pricing. May also have an Ang. 12-120mm zoom for you in CA-1 mount. my email: cp@seriousgear.com Thanks ! -Charles
  11. Could be a "ruggedized" mount for military/aerospace use. Fastax, Fairchild and I believe Photosonics all had proprietary special use mounts ruggedized for high-G environments.
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