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  1. Very clean Zeiss/Arri 14mm T2 PL mount prime. Wide angle, low distortion. Lens has clean glass and has been professionally maintained. Price: US $4500.00 or best offer.
  2. Offered for sale: Good used Zeiss/Arri 9.5mm T1.3 super speed lens in Arri B mount. Adapters available for Aaton or PL (at additional cost). Supplied with RARE Arri Aspheron (actually made by Kern, Switzerland) which converts this already wide S16 lens to 5.6mm with adequate coverage for Super 16 format ! It is amazing. The Aspheron is flawless, the 9.5mm has some light cleaning marks on front coatings (not scratches to glass). These have no effect on photographic results. Lens & converter are a spectacular combo with incredibly low geometric distortion. Priced at US $ 1995.00 for the package. Adapters additional. Screen shot thru S16 viewfinder showing format coverage on request : <cp@seriousgear.com>
  3. Selling a very nice classic Cooke 18-100mm T3 /PL zoom lens with 19mm support & rods in fitted case. Fresh service report from top technician. Your refundable purchase deposit gets you full access to the report, which recommends no service at this time. What's in the box: USED Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3/PL zoom lens Clamp ring support with mount for Heden servo motor Lens support bridge; 19mm Pair 19mm x 440mm support rods Clamp-on lens shade & filter holder (138mm round) Rubber matte box donut fitted case Your Price: US$ 9750.00>>>Offers considered
  4. Owner has agreed to reduce his price on this Package to US$ 11,750.00. May be open to offers. PM or email me at <cp@seriousgear.com>
  5. We have for sale an unusual configuration of the classic Zeiss 10-100mm T2 16mm format zoom lens. This 10-100mm unit is equipped with a factory Zeiss Mutar 2x telextender with PL mount adapter, making it a 20-200mm T4 that not only covers 2K/Super-16 format , but clears 3K on RED as well. You may even find it usable at the long end at 4K. It is a wacky but cool setup. A true compact telephoto zoom. Fitted with oversize zoom gear and Zoom motor mounting bracket if desired. Yours for US$ 2950.00
  6. Offering for sale, a very nice used Micro Force V+F zoom control with Heden M26T servo motor & Y-cable wired for the camera system of your choice: KIT INCLUDES: Preston Micro Force V+F controller Heden M26T servo motor with large & small lens gears (cinema gear pitch: 0.8 metric module) Preston Y-cable (choice of power connectors, price varies, see below) Oppenheimer articulating pan handle grip Swing-arm motor mount for 15/19mm rods PRICING: -Configured for Arriflex film cameras (12VDC Fischer 11-pin connector): US$ 1600.00 -Configured for Aaton film cameras (12VDC LEMO 6-pin) : US$ 1600.00 -Confirgured for Anton Bauer P-Tap (12VDC Lentequip SafeTap with circuit protection): US$ 1675.00
  7. Other lens options (some at lower price) also available with this camera: -Converted Zeiss 10-100mm >>>> 12-120mm T2.4 / PL Super 16 -Converted Ziess 10-100mm >>>> 20-200mm T4/PL Super 16 (covers 3K on RED !) -Kinoptik 5.7 super wide -Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 with Arri Aspheron attachment (converts to 6mm)
  8. Offering for sale, an excellent used Aaton XTR-Prod package that has been service-checked to factory specs, Magazines have had their dried-out textile linings replaced with modern "mass-loaded" vinyl acoustic shielding. Lens has been serviced & checked for focus through the zoom range and tracking, Time code & origin C+ master clock all functioning correctly. Can't find the wooden hand grip at the moment, but we will locate and include, but it may come after initial shipment. Package includes: Aaton XTR Prod super 16 time-code body w/Variable shutter, glow, heated eyepiece, HDTV/1.66 combo viewing screen, Arri PL mount Aaton B&W video assist (NTSC) 3x 400' film magazines Aaton 200mm eyepiece extension (not heated) Aaton CH2 battery charger 4x12vdc onboard batteries 4-pin XLR power cable for external power Aaton Origin C+ time code master clock Pair, 15mm support rods Canon 11.5-138mm T2.5/PL zoom lens with aux. zoom gear & support bracket for servo motors Canon 95mm clamp-on sunshade/filter holder. Holds 2-4x4" filters Cases for all Price: US$ 11,750.00 Equipment is available for inspection in my Seattle USA office. Shipping & insurance is at buyer's expense. We sell & ship internationally. Email me at : cp@seriousgear.com Thanks for looking ! -Charles Pickel, Serious Gear Co.
  9. Offered for sale is an excellent used Canon Super-16 format 11.5-138mm T2.5/PL mount zoom lens. Lens in very fine used condition, service checked for back/front focus, image & focus stability, zoom tracking, focus marks. Glass is free of scratches, but there is a very small coating mar (rub mark) on the rear element which will not affect photographic results. It is visible in the attached photo at about the 2:00 o'clock position, halfway between the center & edge of the element. Very versatile focal length range, yet lightweight & compact. Includes factory PL mount, and original Canon 2-stage 4x4 filter holder/sunshade (95mm clamp-on). Fitted plastic case also included. This is a superb lens, you will not be disappointed. Price: $ 4250.00
  10. Offered for sale is a very clean used Aaton XTR Plus super-16mm camera system. The camera had a top-to-bottom overhaul at the Aaton factory in Grenoble approx 15 yrs ago and has been maintained by Abel Cine Tech since then. It has been stored for a few years and will get a service checkout in my shop prior to sale. At present it runs very quietly and draws .5 amp at 12.8 Volts without a magazine, which is right where it should be. This is a personal DP unit that has never been in rental service AFAIK. Package Consists of: Aaton XTR Plus camera body (# 16xx) w/PL mount , 1.66/ TV viewing screen, time code, hand grip, thread-in support rods. 1-Custom integrated B&W video assist with interchangeable cameras (included camera is B&W SD composite video). Mount is C-mount. Video tap has manual controls for image size, focus, centering and iris. 2-400' DX magazines 1-Media Logic Xtal speed control (6-54 fps in .001 frame increments) 1-Oppenheimer Np-1 battery adapter 4-NP-1 Ni-Cad batteries (power cycled and tested, may need replacement soon) IDX 4-place charger for NP-1 1-Aaton 16V battery for frame rates btwn 37-54fps (new cells) 1-16V charger Camera power cable for external batteries (XLR 4-pin) Aaton Origin-C time code clock w/cables Canon 8-64mm T2.4/PL mount Super-16mm zoom lens Canon 2-stage 4x4" clamp on 95mm filter holder sunshade for 8-64mm Tiffen 4x4" filters: 85; 85ND3, 85ND6 Cases for all Price: US$ 10,500.00 + shipping (Equip is located in Seattle WA USA) Email for more photos etc.: cp@seriousgear.com Charles Pickel www,seriousgear.com
  11. Thanks for your comment. I am indeed an equipment broker and make no secret of it as the banner ad to your right indicates. If there were any Arri 416' s on the used market, I'd certainly be happy to offer one. But if that were the case, I would still mention the following caveats to any prospective 416 owner: -The camera is rare, probably fewer than 100 units in service. This means your only source of parts & service is Arri. -The camera is highly complex, with a lot of embedded computing, RF transceiver for Arri LCS, multiple drive motors for movement & magazines etc.. It doesn't seem to like external power sources like Steadicam sleds. Go to the Steadicam Forum for discussions on this. -The camera, rightly or wrongly, has a reputation for termperamental behavior, if not outright fragility. -Many of its "innovative" features were grafted from Aaton (e.g. spring loaded side rail in aperture plate). My questions for people wanting this system are: "Why" and "Do you really need it " ? Some small rental companies are ill-prepared to maintain this advanced a camera, so it holds special challenges for individual owner-ops. A good solid late-model Aaton will deliver most of what the 416 offers, without its needless complexity, expense and extra headaches of a permanent marriage to the mfr. Aaton no longer assembles cameras, but parts and service are available and there are independent technicians around the world who know how to work on them. So the discussion ranges farther than: "Hey, buy my camera". I find I do a better business with informed customers who feel secure in what they chose long after the deal is made. If you'd like to continue this discussion directly Isaac, feel free to contact me off list. Charles Pickel Serious Gear Co. Seattle USA cp@seriousgear.com
  12. Hello Dan, Would like to have a brief discussion w/you about S16 camera systems and why the Arri 416 may or may not be an optimal choice for you. I have 30+ yrs experience with this stuff and may be able to shed some light on options. You are welcome to email me: cp@seriousgear.com. Tel/txt: 206-285-4776 Thanks ! -CP
  13. Now Listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303074554594 Will gladly accept offers from Cinematography.com users.
  14. I have an Arri eyepiece heater unit that fits the 80's -90's era wide angle eyepiece common to late 35-III, BL-IV, 435 cameras. Will email you with photos later today. - Charles <cp@seriousgear.com>
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