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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/384545645331?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 Asking Price: $15,000 Rare opportunity here friends, I am currently selling my Todd-AO 35 2x Anamorphic 40-240mm f/4.2 Varifocal Cinema Zoom lens with its original casing. This once in a blue moon piece of glass from the 1970s is used with signs of ware external ware, though in perfect working condition with no loss of optical quality. It is made with a BNCR mount, which may be converted to match any other full frame lens mount which supports BNCR flange depth (IE a PL mount for example). This is a vintage anamorphic cinema zoom lens from the 1970s which comes with its original casing. Todd-AO’s are known for their incomparable violet anamorphic flares matched with a sharp yet distinct image. If this is a lens you can’t let slip by, click the link to my eBay page at the top of the forum. If an eBay account isn’t your thing, feel free to send me a direct message. Other than eBay, I will only accept PayPal. Item will ship once payment has gone through, and I will handle the shipping costs. All sales are final. Feel free to reach out with any further questions!
  2. ****JUST WANT TO MAKE CLEAR THAT THIS IS *NOT* AN ANAMORPHIC LENS. It is spherical. Yeah, I know, I thought ToddAO35 was an anamorphic format, but it seems they made some other lenses with the label.**** Selling a very unique oddity. Never seen another. Wasnt even aware such a thing existed...I had always assumed ToddAO35 meant anamorphic, but it seems ToddAO also built a handful of spherical lenses under the label. Vintage lenses of this focal length and speed are pretty much non-existent; this would make a perfect addition to either a K35 set or maybe Zeiss Superspeed set. While labeled ToddAO-35, the lens has quite a large image circle...bigger even than 65mm film/Alexa65. Currently BNCR mount. Lens has been with Jacek @ Optitek for a while now, waiting to get converted to PL mount and a basic CLA...IIRC the focus ring was a bit stiff and in need of lube job. Iris functioned fine. Jacek hasn't started any work on it yet. Glass/coatings in solid shape. There may be some imperfections, blemishes, etc. like minor cleaning marks (obviously i don't have the lens to check and it's been a long time since i had it in my hands)...but nothing that will have effect on image. It looked quite good to my eye when I last had it. I got the kens about 1.5 years ago, along with a few K35s. It's been a mystery since then and I've been unable to find any solid information on it. Pretty cool curiosity and piece of history, and would be an interesting addition to any set of vintage high speed primes. Selling at $9k.
  3. Hi, I’m new to this forum and I have a question that I hope that someone with a knowledge of Todd AO anamorphics might be able to give me some clues about. I have a Todd AO 35 front element that I bought on Ebay some time ago. I’m trying to find out which focal length this element should have (as in, the focal length on the taking lens). And also, whether this is the early or later version of the Todd AO’s. I was thinking that if I can figure out which taking lens to use, I could get an old Canon K35 lens and have the whole thing built into a fully functioning anamorphic lens by Kim Camera or the like. So, I’m reaching out to anyone who might have a clue as to which lens size this element would fit with. The front is 122mm and the rear is 48mm. I would be grateful for any clues, and any pointers before I embark on this project!
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