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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, im selling my Arriflex 16SR T-Bar with B&W SD Videoassist CEI VP III B&W (NTSC). Also i´ll add an 5" Transvideo SD Rainbow (PAL/SECAM/NTSC comp.) Monitor with sunshade. Tested, cleaned & working! And in good condition! The Videoassist covers the S16 Mattescreen only around 90% but if you squeeze it it can Cover a squeezed 98% of Super16 1.66 Mattescreen. All together as a Set- 1000€. Pick up preffered. (Berlin) But can ship it as well! Best, Philip
  2. Planning to shoot a project with a Nizo 6080. I was wondering if it was possible to somehow rig a bullet camera or something of the sort to use as a video assist. I've seen stuff on the internet from 10 years about about how to do this with Beaulieus, but nothing about Nizos or posted recently. Anyone have any experience with this, or know which bullet cam models or rigging methods might work with a Nizo viewfinder? Preferably without spending a ton of money or a lot of complex engineering to build it. Doesn't need to be fancy, just functional - I’m a student self-funding the project. Alternatively, would buying one of those old Zigview monitors work? How would I set that up to my circular viewfinder? All their models seem to have been made for rectangular SLR viewfinders and I can’t tell if any of the adapters might work. None one currently selling one on Ebay offers returns, so if i bought one I want to be absolutely sure I’m getting one that will fit my camera.
  3. I'm selling my IVS (gecko cam handle). Last service date feb 2020. IVS video Handle IVS relay optics with iris Antiflicker/Inserter Module complete with fastening screws and dove-tail Fischer3/Fischer3 cable CCD cable ZV4 cable The system works perfectly, fps readings, flicker-free at all speeds and frameline generator ok. Optics are clear Please note I don't have a beam splitter available for sale at this time. DM me with offers.
  4. Hello there, Looking for a solution for recording my 16mm video-tap from an Aaton XTR Prod onto a SD-card. The XTR prod has an Aaton VideoSync Assist up and running. I'd figure I need: 1.) an Analog -> Digital converter 2.) an external recorder Found this converter from Blackmagic: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/…/Blackmagic_Design_CONVMAAS_M… Is that it, or can I get away with something cheaper? Links/ product names? Regarding an external recorder, I just want it very simple to use and small. Prores on a SD card is really all I need (just a PAL signal). Nothing fancy. Will a Ninja Star get the job done? Anyone using something else of recommendation? https://www.atomos.com/ninja-star Somehow I want a monitor attached to the set up with real-time video-tap. Perhaps it's a better idea to find a monitor that does external recording as well? I'm the owner of a SmallHD 502 which I really like, but unfortunately it can't record... ********************************************************* Secondary question - Since I'm new to shooting on film, I'm not experienced at all with using it on set. What quality is the video-tap PAL signal I get out of the Video Assist in terms of color etc. -- ? Can I pull focus on the video signal / use it to fine tune whatever lighting I have in a scene -- or is it more of just a compositional tool? If I had a monitor that could put on a LUT, would that make any sense or would I just be wasting my time? Thank you in advance! All answers / personal preferences are welcome!
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