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  1. looks pretty much like Sony venice open Gate with Canon K35 glass? Just my guess… not sure but got pretty similar results recently with these combination. Can be Alexa LF/miniLF as well depending on Colorgrading. But Glas looks pretty much like K35 on FullFrame.
  2. To feel the "spirit" of filmstock without feeling the perf and get some white cotton fuzzles in the mag right away?
  3. I used the MiniLF on most ADVERT/TVC jobs recently and pretty sucessfully. No trouble so far. You shouldn´t be more afraid as with a classic alexa mini. She likes to have a bit more batteries. Have fun!
  4. I think what you mean is more about lighting than grading. When I work for American & some Chinese Clients, they tend to be more afraid of darkness and mood. But every Client is a bit different. But it is true that some of these Clients ask for more "fill" on Set. And of course the same Guys will ask to get even more pop in the Grading as well. Well and Americans tend to be a little less reserved in their advertising and like it more loud?
  5. i use this combi below since years: 1. Get Lumenair or any other iphone/Android DMX app. 2. Get a wifi DMX Dongle, HMB Tech works pretty well with iphones and Lumenair… https://hmbtec.de/produkt/cc512-v4-〈-isky-〉wifi-→-dmx-dongle 3. get any DMX Dimmer where you can plug in the Dongle. (German webshop example) https://www.thomann.de/de/eurolite_edx_4r_dmx_rdm_dimmerpack.htm?glp=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoJb4u6SU5gIVleR3Ch2ZgA94EAQYAiABEgI3q_D_BwE is around 300$ all in. I use it a lot for Practicals as well as all DMX controllable Stuff like LEDs / Skypanels / Litetile… and so on… 🙂 to be honest, I can not imagine a light that the industry isn´t currently developing… the film/foto/stage light marked is exploding these days. but a modern carbon-arc would be great…
  6. since my 758 was stolen i´m using the 858 ... and yes, it's annoying, especially when shooting in harsh conditions. The touch screen is really bothering... I hope sekonic finds a way back to a more traditional button setup on their next update… also the c700/c800 is bothering… huge delay on the touchscreen and many software crashes. So sekonic if you google yourself and read this ... please please please as in my mails already mentioned ... the 758 was almost the perfect light meter. Bring it back to market.
  7. This „HDR“ thing brings a lot of confusion... but actually, these are more topics for postproductions and Monitoring on set than for the creative side of filmmaking. All modern digital cameras support HDR from scratch by recording log which support almost every digital camera now, as well as film scans. With the knowledge of the wide latitude of modern digitals & film scans in our head we expose for HDR already anyway since some years.
  8. Hmm the MK1 have 6 blade hexagon iris. Only meter or feet scale, different Front Diameters and arri-B mount (Possibly adapted to PL & upgraded with 0.8 Focus Gear) I own a set & love them. Mk 2-3 have Triangular Iris, 80mm Front Diameter. MK2 still got Arri B Mount and 0.8Focus Gear MK3 have PL Mount and 0.8 Gear on Focus & Iris.
  9. I remember we had a rental in Berlin which owns Oberkochen S16 optics. I used them and mixed them a lot with Zeiss MK2/3 on student projects. I was told that there are Zeiss optics and only named Oberkochen for political reasons in the divided Germany in the early 80s.
  10. Simple answer ... no one likes to discover his art / craft in places he did not want to or was paid for. Golden Rule! What you do not want to be done to you, do not add to any other…
  11. ups… always make sure to hire clever interns! i had a Datawrangler who managed it to format 2 uncopied sxs cards & let nobody know… and a broken codex ssd… These poop happens everywhere. :-)
  12. A friend just send me these on whatsapp… 😂 …have a wonderful day!
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