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  1. well the grading workflow & special scripts the colorist team for fincher used for mindhunter as example… just to give it these look on a red is a special workflow in many ways.
  2. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/how-1918-flu-halted-hollywood-1286640 Me and also many Friends of mine, not just Filmmakers really missing the Cinema. And i mean the Cinema not a homemade Netflix "Cinema" with just a good Projector and some Dolby. There is a beautiful culture behind it as well. And im pretty sure, cinema as theatres will stay alive and come back - like hugging, kissing and many other important social gathering things. But until then, we will respect the situation and wants to stay healthy. So far we just had some weeks - and it looks right now in the end it will maybe just some month of our planet is slowing down. Im fine with that. Take care!
  3. Film shoots are starting again in Germany & also in some of our scandinavian Neigbours. Germany has regulations of max 50 People, Face Masks & as much distance as possible right now. Two of our Film Labs starts operating again since this Week. I´ve a planned Film Project to be shot on 35mm sheduled for June/July.
  4. The Arriflex SR 2 Flange Focal Distance is 52mm with PL Mount like any other PL Camera. The 5,9mm Angenieux was very close to the Mirror Shutter from the SR, you have to use the right angle couse some could slightly hit the Mirror on the SR Cameras. Some Techs also sanded the two nipples which protect the rear element from the 5,9mm. It won´t work on 35mm Mirror Shutter Cameras - it will definitly scratch the Mirror. But it will work on a Alexa except the Studio. So it won´t hit the Sensor. You can use it.
  5. Hey, im selling my Optar Illumina S16 Lens Set 12, 25, 50mm T1.3 Arri B & PL Mount in mint condition. 1.2 / 12mm 1.2 / 25mm 1.2 / 50mm Feet scale. amazing condition like unused. Glas clean, no scratches & no dust. Mechanics works smoothly and are in perfect condition. They are in Arri B mount for Arriflex SR1 & 2 Cameras but comes with PL Mount Adapter for more possibilities. Lenses should be collimated before use with a Filmcamera! I did not Test them on a Filmcamera but they looked perfect on a digital Camera with PL Mount Adapted! Lenses are based in Potsdam Babelsberg, Germany. 3300€ / 3500$ USD
  6. Paris Texas D.P. Robby Müller: Theeb D.P. Wolfgang Thaler Ága D.P. Kalovan Bozhilov
  7. hmm, no i want my stuff to be work for lowering my tax / income as well so i need a proper seller and invoice / customs approved… also i can use the good quality service & warranty when bought in a proper shop? So as professional i don´t see any sense behind these "grey2 markets.
  8. hey, im selling my decent set of Super16mm Zeiss superspeed MK1 12mm/16mm/25mm T1.3 with 0.8 Focus Gear, 75mm Front (+ 80mm Adapters). Arri B Mount but can provide pl mount adapters as well. They are all in really great and clean condition. some very tiny cleaning marks but no scratches no fungus no dust. Mechanics works perfectly. Got serviced last Year. 2000€ for all 3. Best, Philip
  9. not personally yet. indeed it looks gorgeous! Kind of a Peter Pan story. I wish I could have the time to visit Sundance this year.
  10. dir. Benh Zeitlin & dp. Sturla Brandth Grøvlen shot Wendy on 16mm as well. Looks wonderful.
  11. looks pretty much like Sony venice open Gate with Canon K35 glass? Just my guess… not sure but got pretty similar results recently with these combination. Can be Alexa LF/miniLF as well depending on Colorgrading. But Glas looks pretty much like K35 on FullFrame.
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