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Found 8 results

  1. The 13th annual Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards took place tonight, honoring the accomplishments of industry luminaries, behind-the-scenes artists and outstanding engineering teams. The HPA Awards set the bar for creative and technical achievement, recognizing individuals and companies for outstanding contributions made in the creation of feature films, television, commercials, and entertainment content enjoyed around the world. Awards were given to talented individuals and teams working in twelve creative craft categories, including color grading, sound, editing and vi
  2. The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) has announced the 2018 nominees for the HPA Awards creative categories. The Awards are considered the standard bearer for creative excellence and technical innovation in an industry embracing an expanding array of groundbreaking technologies and creativity, honoring achievement and artistic excellence by individuals and teams who bring stories to life and outstanding content to audiences around the world. Launched in 2006, the HPA Awards recognize outstanding achievement in editing, sound, visual effects and color grading for work in television,
  3. Hello All! New to this forum so I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this. We will be doing a documentary for a philanthropic women's group. This documentary will be highlighting women who have overcome obstacles and have risen to the top. We are wanting to do a POV scene where someone is looking up at a glass roof from the lobby of an office building and they rise straight up and crash through the glass ceiling. We are thinking a scale model might work as we are not set up to do CGI in the detail they will want. Not sure if this is the right approach. Any ideas ho
  4. 11th Annual Industry Honors Shine Spotlight on Excellence in Sound, Editing, Visual Effects and Color May 16, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA®) has announced the opening of its Call for Entries in the Creative Categories for the 11th annual HPA Awards. These categories, considered the standard bearer for groundbreaking work and artistic excellence, recognize creative artistry in the field of post production. The HPA Awards promote the achievement of talent, innovation and engineering excellence in the larger professional media content industry. The
  5. I have an upcoming project where I've been asked to film floating blue orbs around the talent a la "Starman". My initial thought is to shoot anamorphic, float a battery powered small source on some monofillament, and composite/track over the source with a light aura of sorts (retaining the flare). I think this MIGHT work, but in these examples there are clearly larger sources being used. They also seem to be coming from relatively the same area as the orb itself. Due to the obvious keying/compositing (you can see the black matte lines when watching the film around the
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum. I am looking for information about the diffusion or fog filters used by Antonio Gaudio, the Director of Photography in Raoul Walsh's High Sierra, usually in the scenes with Ida Lupino. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi All, Would really appreciate help with this question: How can I remove people and cars from a video? I am going to be filming historic architecture in a very busy populous area (a city square) in Africa and would like to only show the buildings. Is there a particular way I should prepare to shoot this? e.g on a tripod so it is a still capture? What are the steps to take when i'm editing? I am working with a canon 7d, fcp 7, have after effects but really not familiar with the workflow of importing files onto after effects or using the programme. Any step by st
  8. I am shooting several action scences using a green screen behind the action. This will be a 3 camera shot; 1st camera left at a 45 degree facing center stage, 2nd camera set center stage and the 3rd camera right facing 45 degrees facing center stage. All camera's are locked and spaced equally apart. How or what plug-in (if needed) to After Effects or Premeire Pro would I need to create a seemless movement interacting with all 3 cameras. The transition movement needs fast from camera 1 to 3 and slower in different action parts. In other words, I am would like the 3 camera's to work as one, and
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