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  1. Hi! guys. I have recently just made LED fixture to use on my work. Just cost me to make about $160. Output similar to 800W softbox. Made out from RGB ribbon LED and Warm-white ribbon LED. I expected to use WW LEDs at full power but eventually it drags down the color rendition made skintone look off. But the downside : It has multi shadow. solve sometime by using some diffusion sheet. Reason I chose this method. These LEDs are very abundant and very easy to find at cheap. But as you know you can't expect to have excellent color on this either alone. They are just good but I can toss-off for functionality that I gain from this thing. WW LEDs is to make broad spectrum base for skintone. RGB LEDS is to correct portion to matched the sensitivity of the camera. This approach is very similar to Arri L7-C fresnel light which used light engine they called to make tuneable light. While Blue LED have very high energy level. I chose WW LEDs which have high energy in orange green and red part. So I can added by RGB LEDs later to achieve Daylight. MY Goal : - Dimmable - Variable CCT - Green, Magenta shift - Color effect - Rock stady at any shutter speed from top to bottom. - Custom / Preset Switch - WW LED intensity - Red LED intensity - Green LED intensity - Blue LED intensity - On / Off switch Custom / Preset is to switch between selector which will used Pre-tunes trimpots that corresponds to each CCT and the accessible knob that can be customise as your favour. Preset knob is 4 position Selector switch connect to Bunch of Trimpots responsible for each channel. - 5500K Daylight (Tune to closely matched to Kino-Flo color as I have one for evaluate test) - 5000K Daylight (Tune to matched to Philips TL-D 950 Graphica as it have ability to mix very well with natural daylight) - 3200K Tungsten - 2700K Incandescent I just ordered Arduino kits and LCD. Maybe I can bring this into digital control like Kino Flo Celeb line. I just expect to using them without PWM modulation dimming. Here is the test. With Faithful picture style on Canon 60D. 5500K Kino-Flo True-matched Tune. 5500K WB 5000K Tune to Philips Graphica TL-D 950. 5000K WB 3200K Tungsten. 3200K WB 2700K Incandescent. 2700K WB Here are some test. Place like beauty dish. WB : 5500K Canon 550D + 18-55mm ISO 800 28mm F4.0 1/60 e I just sharing my though. Maybe something just wrong approach for using these kind of instrument. But it just worked!!!! quite amazingly. Any suggestions very appreciated. Thank you.
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