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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Firstly, I would like to say that I hope this message meets you all well, and I can only thank you for taking time to view and respond to my question. I am a young aspiring Cinematographer who has a few queries before I make my first short so any feedback would be most appreciated. I have a blackmagic pocket cinema camera which I bought on amazon for $730.00 dollars four months ago. I was no were near ready for the camera, but I simply could not miss out on the opportunity. I studied the camera as my aim was to make my first shoot roughly around September 2017. So I am aware for its price bracket it is a marvellous top of the range camera, as the images are very beautiful even before post. But my lack of judgment maybe overruling my rationale here, but I’m asking weather if there is a better camera between the $1000 - $2000 bracket. The few factors that worry me about the BMPCC • Super 16 is too small of a sensor • Audio is not up to standard • Battery is poor • Only after thousands of $ its final product is above average however resembles the work of an amateur DSLR project, very flat very common video. • The wide dynamic range is lacking Apologies if I am being too vague and incorrect, but I just do not want to waste any time so prefer blunt and brutal assessments of anything with this camera. I’m doing a writing degree so the technical side of film is all new to me, I do not go to film school, but I understand script and language and heart, and most importantly cinema. The story board and break down of scene enables me to have full confidence with my shoot, I just want the best tools available to me. I understand you have to work with a camera as money does not by results, I just want to know if I should upgrade if I am looking to make a professional short. Vittaro Storaro, Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergmarn & Terrance Malick are the men who’s work embodies my aspirations and their style of cinema is still stuff of dreams to me. I do not look for commercial prosperity, for me it is deeper than that. So when I say ‘amateur DSLR’ I do not mean to disregard, but only to find the best solution. I’m a student, but I do not need an Alexa, Blackmagic has always been interesting but the Ursa Mini 4.6k is way to expensive as a package, so I ask for your recommendation. In 2017 is there a low end Professional Camera that I can buy that will set me on my way to make great cinema, not film, cinema. Or am I better of sticking with what I have? Secondly, Other than this platform (cineamtogrpahy.com) & no film school, I find myself lacking in expertise help and guides regarding lens camera work and general apparatus advice, I live in England so it does not help. But are there any other sources of information I should be looking at? as I have a mountain of books, but some online brief one to one discussions would be so useful and beneficial. I once again apologies for the long winded message, and appreciate your help regarding my matter. Warmest Regards Michael Okorodudu
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