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  1. Hi David, I do not mean to be flippant, but what do you mean you do not have any mechanical skills? I ask because you speak are very well informed on the cinematography technicalities of equipment and set related topics. Is there a difference between being a technical cinematographer and Mechanical Cinematographer? I find it really interesting if you could just highlight your specific duties on set that would be really enlightening to someone who has no idea? Many thanks
  2. I've had a few days away from this film and understand both reactions in terms of endearment and outrage. The film's cinematography is very fine and the casting wonderfully composed. However, I do feel like the 'Hot Take' era we live in has caused the polarisation of a film that whether you enjoyed it or not, has poignant biblical and societal issues that strike wonderful discussion and provoking statements. Its use of the High Concept of " God forever living in his own Hell" "Mother Nature" "Kane & Abel" and more relatable issues like"Unwelcome Neighbours" "Mob-like Cults and Fans" were in my opinion valuable assets in this film. The Ending is Grotesque, its Hollywood, it needed to be (Marketing Mini Bomb) but its ambition alone is what should be taken seriously.
  3. Thank you for all the replies and suggested lists, much appreciated!
  4. Hello David, Thank you for this wonderfully specific list. I had originally compiled a list with some of these films included, but this list is the perfect starting reference. Is it possible if you could collate a list for the 2000s? I wondered if it would include films like Hero or the Revenant. Thank you once again.
  5. Hello Guys, Getting into The Industry I am creative writing student and have a few questions and queries regarding the industry of film and cinema. I do not have the benefits of nepotism, so I am starting from the bottom. I have worked for three years at some top companies in London (Liberties & Claridge's inc). Those experiences have exposed me to the realities of corporate companies, job ladders and management. They have given me the guile and awareness of what happens with the high-status businesses and sharpened my outlook regarding Industries. The paid roles I am looking for (all entry positions) Art Department Assistant Film Administrator Assistant Concept Artist Assistant Storyboard Assistant Junior Producer Assistant Film development Assistant Screenwriting Internship DOP Apprentice / Internship Portfolio / Experience / Relatable Knowledge I am creating a short online portfolio with my screenplays as a prospectus for my work, portfolio for jobs. (6 Months available) Studying a Creative Writing and Media Degree Undergoing a Film Music Score course with Berklee University Online. I study creative writing degree and understand the enterprise of having an innovative presentation/portfolio/C. V/ Compliment letter for getting a job role however what are the additional requirements of my pitch I could do to gain a contract? How would I go on about contacting a company directly to express my interest in working with them? Is this a useful approach? As I am not in the industry as of yet, would I need to get involved in an entertainment recruitment agency or hire a consultant to advise and guide me through the pathways and pitfalls of the Film scene via networking and contacts? I do plan to make a short film and supply it with a printed leaflet which gives a brief snippet of the Cinema I aim to create, my skills, and showcase my relatable talents that could help their companies grow. How should I market this in regards to the job role I am keen? Would I then aim to promote it to as many consortiums as possible? My most pressing question is regarding the ‘other side’. I do not want to work for people that are the creative talents; I want to be the ‘creative content producer’, therefore is there a route in 2017 which would be monetary instead of a freelance Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Videographer? If so what is it? Moreover, what would be the best alternative, that would be an expressive job role which I can create in that pays As I am in England London, the industry is very minimal however it still exists, but I am sure there were many people in my predicament in their early days. If you have any advice on how to ‘break’ into the industry in the associated roles, I mentioned, please provide me with some information as it will go a long way to shaping my future and next career step. Many Thanks Michael okorodudu
  6. Two more additional photos that I wished to understand how this is developed via lense and specific camera work
  7. Hello, Thank you Tyler, I was confident about the camera but a few negative comments and podcasts gave me momentarily doubt which is why I had to ask. I will be viewing both of those videos and appreciate you sharing them with me. Hey AJ, I understand the hype around 4k but the storage for my mac will be too difficult even with an external hardrive. I have seen some of the speed-boosters on amazon and there roughly around $450 dollars so thats going to be a purchase for my BMPCC set up. that little overview is really intriguing and something I will definitely be looking into. I think now days it is very easy to shoot something, post it and be happy with the outcome. However the science and technical intricacies that make such amazing shots is what Im striving to learn Basic Photographic Materials and Processes by Nanette L. Salvaggio is a book I am looking to purchase which I believe covers the tone resolution, colour and scientific fundamentals so please suggest if there is a better book as Im willing to read that also! This gentlemen gives an overview of the GH5 so I will be watching and observing his first opinions as you like tyler mentioned the camera, but I am in no rush to purchase this immediately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hFMqr_uVAQ Thank you Sam, I have an external battery charger which I will list below as I just want to know what other components I am missing. I currently only have: BMPCC body Sunwin Blackmagic DV Battery Power Supply Plate BMCC Battery Mount Battery Mount Plate Straight Plug for SONY BP-U60 BP-U30 Battery BMCC SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB SDXC UHS-I/U3 Memory Card up to 95MB/s Read (SDSDXPA-128G-G46) DSTE® Full Coded 14.4V 6900mAh BP-U60 BPU60 Li-ion Battery for Sony PMW-EX1 PMW-EX3 Considering Im a one man band, am I only missing the Speedbooster, Lenses (im looking at the SIGMA ART 18-35MM), Shoulder Rig, Tripod, Viewfinder, Extra batteries, Mic & Audio equipt, bag cover & other accessories? My second question guys is Im collating all the images I see and am interested in, and writing notes about the image, what I like about it & how this technique was created. I really dont expect anyone to go through all of them, but Is there like a special course video book or manual I should obtain that explains how these shots are created as it seems like there all fundamentally like this before post production? Im so unaware but would love to know what tools I would need to recreate and reference some of these shots for my stories. So I found out babybliss was a specific lense that creates that showed effect, for me a technique I would never of heard of without the help from these forums! Thanks again guys it really is invaluable pointers your helping me with!
  8. Hello, Firstly, I would like to say that I hope this message meets you all well, and I can only thank you for taking time to view and respond to my question. I am a young aspiring Cinematographer who has a few queries before I make my first short so any feedback would be most appreciated. I have a blackmagic pocket cinema camera which I bought on amazon for $730.00 dollars four months ago. I was no were near ready for the camera, but I simply could not miss out on the opportunity. I studied the camera as my aim was to make my first shoot roughly around September 2017. So I am aware for its price bracket it is a marvellous top of the range camera, as the images are very beautiful even before post. But my lack of judgment maybe overruling my rationale here, but I’m asking weather if there is a better camera between the $1000 - $2000 bracket. The few factors that worry me about the BMPCC • Super 16 is too small of a sensor • Audio is not up to standard • Battery is poor • Only after thousands of $ its final product is above average however resembles the work of an amateur DSLR project, very flat very common video. • The wide dynamic range is lacking Apologies if I am being too vague and incorrect, but I just do not want to waste any time so prefer blunt and brutal assessments of anything with this camera. I’m doing a writing degree so the technical side of film is all new to me, I do not go to film school, but I understand script and language and heart, and most importantly cinema. The story board and break down of scene enables me to have full confidence with my shoot, I just want the best tools available to me. I understand you have to work with a camera as money does not by results, I just want to know if I should upgrade if I am looking to make a professional short. Vittaro Storaro, Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergmarn & Terrance Malick are the men who’s work embodies my aspirations and their style of cinema is still stuff of dreams to me. I do not look for commercial prosperity, for me it is deeper than that. So when I say ‘amateur DSLR’ I do not mean to disregard, but only to find the best solution. I’m a student, but I do not need an Alexa, Blackmagic has always been interesting but the Ursa Mini 4.6k is way to expensive as a package, so I ask for your recommendation. In 2017 is there a low end Professional Camera that I can buy that will set me on my way to make great cinema, not film, cinema. Or am I better of sticking with what I have? Secondly, Other than this platform (cineamtogrpahy.com) & no film school, I find myself lacking in expertise help and guides regarding lens camera work and general apparatus advice, I live in England so it does not help. But are there any other sources of information I should be looking at? as I have a mountain of books, but some online brief one to one discussions would be so useful and beneficial. I once again apologies for the long winded message, and appreciate your help regarding my matter. Warmest Regards Michael Okorodudu
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