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Evan Kubota

stills from "Silence" 16mm short

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I've been keeping a log of my projects at my website:




I just received the developed/transferred film from "Silence" on Friday. A few stills are posted on my site. I used Plus-X at 80ASA, and an old non-reflex Bolex H16. Lenses were a Sony TV zoom, Switar 10mm, Angenieux 25mm, and TTH 25mm. Surprisingly, the Sony zoom appeared nearly as sharp as the Switar. I think in the future I'll try rating Plus-X as 100ASA indoors - some of my shots appeared to verge on overexposure, or at least were "standard". For a project like this I prefer the denser, darker look of slightly underexposed film.

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Guest santo

Interesting stills. Thanks for the link to your website, I always enjoy reading these kinds of things when I have some spare time. I will in the future, no doubt. Does all the action take place in that little set? Nice and claustrophobic if it does. I like it.


I'm not surprised to read about the Sony TV zoom. It's a professional grade lens made to compete with others, designed a couple of decades after the Switar. Though maybe not the best available at the time, it probably cost a bundle when new. Still can't beat an old prime, though.


Please post some more pics when you get a chance.

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Nearly all of the actual action is on the small set. There are 2 or 3 shots outdoors, back on "Earth."


I had read many posts/threads on several forums discussing how TV lenses were generally made so that red, green, and blue had slightly different focusing points, as opposed to a cine lens where they would all fall on the film plane. I was prepared for sub-par results from the Sony lens (actually made by Canon, I think), but my initial thoughts proved correct - the optics were clear and large, and the lens gave a very sharp image through the ground glass.

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This is great,


thanks for the link to your site ...


I have been playing around with still film and video for a little while but earlier this year I bought a Bolex totally out of the blue - no idea of film costs, but since then I've scored myself 20,000ft of Plus-X ($100US :lol:) and am planing to make a short or two (or three) with it -


Its great to see other productions using the same gear - and your stills help me think about the look Im after, I may well try shooting at 100 also -


excellent work




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