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Guest Matti Poutanen

SI-2K vs Sony EX3 with a mirror rig

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Guest Matti Poutanen



I´m prepping a 3D shoot and currently figuring out cameras for mirror rig as lightweight as possible. After a week of testing a mirror rig with two Reds I found it physically too big to be used in the project I will be shooting. At the moment I´m comparing pros and cons of Silicon Imaging 2K and Sony EX3. Canon DSLRs are ruled out because of aliasing and sync problems.


In theory it should be a no-brainer as SI-2K is more of a proper movie camera than EX3, but I´m really concerned about the softness. I´ve seen it in every single screengrab and 1080p video for SI-2K footage I have seen. Is it in some way inherent to SI-2K sensor? Does anybody happen to have native footage from SI-2K shot with good optics (Arri Master/Ultra primes for example) that one could say is as sharp is possible with SI-2K? The Saw 3D trailer on Apple.com seems pretty sharp in 1080p Quicktime (it´s shot with SI-2K), any info which lenses the production used?


EX3 is pretty good, cheaper alternative and with B4 adapter you can use quality glass with it. I´m quite familiar with the camera and the downside is the dynamic range compared to SI-2K (the SI specs claim 11 stops, and there was a news update about SI-2K 2.0 which claims to increase the DR). At least I know EX3 will be as sharp as a razor with proper glass. I´m also aware of the depth of field change due to smaller sensor.


I have not shot anything with SI-2K and a lot with EX3. I´m planning to set up a test shoot with SI-2K, as their SI-3D system seems really well thought out with useful additions. Any experience of SI-2K, in 3D or "normal" production?


At the moment I cannot think of any other cameras than these for proper 3D shooting (with genlock sync, decent image compression, interchangeable optics, small form factor so hand held is possible), but suggestions are welcome! Epic would be a possibility but there is a small problem of it not existing yet (for end users).

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Guest Matti Poutanen

We start JD 3D camera tests on monday and have the SI 2k . I'll give some feedback on how things are going .


Thanks, I look forward to it!

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I've had good experiences with SI-2K's. I remember we had some matched pairs of Zeiss S16mm glass on them. SI-2K's with a compact rig like Element Technica's Neutron or the "Dark Country" rig would probably work very well. Certainly more compact than EX-3's and I would say very hand-holdable.


Cheers ;)

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