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  1. No not quite , It was just outside of a small town called Swakopmund in Namibia , on the west coast of Southern Africa . I'm in Cape Town and we do a lot of jobs out this way . This was on the set of 'The Prisoner " these are some of the largest dunes anywhere , here they are again on 'Flight of the Phoenix"/Users/robfischer/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2003/lone wolf rigs/DSC00432.jpg
  2. Josh, I have to agree with Michael and Matthew about whether or not you are qualified to rig something of this nature . If you are not , take the time to do the course and get the appropriate accreditation and Knowledge that is required for such things . Sorry if I sounded irresponsible in offering advice on rigs of this nature .
  3. by the way this is what we call a fly swatter , is this what you had in mind?
  4. here's one i did for a show a while ago . we used a manitou or telescopic forklift , they can handle alot of weight , so wind is not an issue ,you can also tilt the forks up and down quite alot . the only draw back is that they cannot pan . I used a piece of truss on the basket and a diagonal support to the front of the frame to stop it from bending in the wind .
  5. Hey guys , so I finally got around to taking a photo of the gold clamps I made for car rigs and similar rigs , but I only noticed once I downloaded it , I say how bad the focus is ! But hopefully you get the idea and how they function . as far as size goes , the important thing is that they fit the size of the rod you use . 16mm is the diameter of a gobo arm so thats what seemed logical . standard
  6. Hey Justin . Check out my pic earlier in the topic of the bus . the grid on top is the most logical choice for lighting . If the production owned the RV maybe you could suggest supporting the roof and even putting a small arm up there with a libra or similar head to get some great shots moving around the vehicle .
  7. sorry . getting confused with older posts
  8. sure . will do . once i get home from my christmas break
  9. Hey Ariel . We had those clamps made up along with the rods , the rods are in various lengths with a 3/8ths thread on either end . using a grub screw we join them to make the required length . Modern studio equipment sells them(clamps) but I find they are a bad design and aren't very good . Most of their stuff is alright but those are finished really badly , so you would be better off going to a local engineer , it should be an easy project . If you want the exact shape I could do one in sketch up for you .
  10. cheers Ian . our 3d rig and libra weighs in at 80 kg's i have nick phillips here with me ( Mr Libra ) He reckons it is absolutely fine to put the rig on the front nose mount of the techno . the only thing i cant do is put it on a tracking car like that , which is a shame cos that's where i need this configuration . he showed me a pic of the pace 3D rig in the same mod with no issues (much heavier than my rig )
  11. They are a serious workout when it comes to rigs and size , I'll keep you updated on what goes on and any things I encounter . Hopefully by march they will have some of the newer cameras in the rigs that are much smaller .
  12. we have the new upgraded libra . the blue stripe . We are using reds on a paradise 3D rig , they tell me it is a smaller rig than the pace , but the libra can handle the pace too . the brackets drop it down alot and the distance from the bottom of the camera to the top of the crane nose is almost 5 feet or so . this screws me for tight passages and rooms with normal ceilings because i can barely get to eye height without hitting the roof . I therefore want to do the horizontal Libra setup . I will lose alot of pan ( now the 3rd axis ring of the libra ) but have a much smaller top to bottom pro
  13. sorry missed that front . it should read . 'the techno can't '
  14. n't handle the weight of the 3D camera , so I will have to mount it directly to the arm , on the 8 bolts that are on the front . I will post pics of it once we do it .
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