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Brian Rose

One thing I despise about digital

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Isn't that were all artist' are?


We know it's all about money for you. It's your master and you do what your boss says.

Gary puts the lotion on it's skin, it does this whenever it's told.

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I have no respect for people that shoot digital over film. Especially now when video is so expensive. I don't care what they say, their not cool.


I always get humbled when insulting people.

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I'm just trying to help film be around. I'm trying to help and I don't care what anyone thinks about me. Film is more important to me than my pride.

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I find the elitism of the "film is better than digital" argument both funny, and disturbing. Everything is just a tool, and any tool can be abused. The fact of someone shooting digital doesn't inherently make that person a lesser filmmaker than someone who shoots film--maybe more poor. These people who just shoot endless takes with digital from all angles are just guessing. It's one thing to get 10 takes looking for something very particular and not getting it until take 10. But it's something different when you have no skill as a cinematographer, and have to get every single angle out of insecurity. I used to over-cover a lot, and realized not only was it a waste of time, but it would often not make the best possible cut either. It's a safety mechanism for people who don't know what they're doing. This is an abuse of digital, but I don't think it reflects anything inherently bad in the medium--only in those who use it. It's a lack of craft, not technology.

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