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  1. The zoom h4n inputs are too hot I hear. Zoom needs an attentuator. (Which one?) Which recorder can I plug directly into and achieve audio book quality? The R-26 sounds good, would the H4n sound the same because I'm bypassing the pre's? (I wish to spend $250 I'm using an mkh 415 into Sound Devices mm-1 and I could go into my computer but I want to shut down the noise during recording. That's why I want a digital recorder but also for field recording. Would it be better to use the computer if I moved it?
  2. Film is so cool looking. I like what you did. I love the subject matter too. I don't like the "fuji rip" thing. I know what you meant but vidiots will have one more thing to say.
  3. A cyber cloud is not a sufficient medium. There's no original with distinguishing characteristics. There's no look that resembles the imagination. There's no unique mixture in each frame. It's a robot that someone programed to move the paint brush for you. I give it a zero on the art medium scale.
  4. There's nothing to worry about if going by the predictions. The demand for film is pretty great. Many that switched to digital lacked the love for it in the first place and since they can't even get the death of analogue tape right nor the weather tomorrow, then who cares what they think? Judging from analogue tape still having a solid place in the recording industry and the new demand for Vinyl records, I'm wondering what prompts they're "all knowing" predictions? Certainly they don't understand the value of a tangible medium to an artist.
  5. Film looks like a separate dimension. It makes people feel like they're dreaming what's on screen. That is the right tool for the job and the right tool for the job is always gonna have a place in the tool box.
  6. Trevor McClung

    Camera Speed Test

    Old news but; You can edit in 24fps and have a sound or a snare/whatever occur at every frame. Since film cameras are mechanical they have a repeating noise pattern that reflects the speed. If it's off, the sound will start to reverberate. You should be able to tell which one sounds faster, the camera or the repeating snare.
  7. This is so awesome. Thanks you guys. I wish I knew more. When I found out about the 2 perf I could hardly sleep. Aranda has a couple 2 perfs for under $5k I think one Camflex and 2 Arri's. I'm thinking of a 4perf Konvas that I can matt for a double pass as an option. Is that a nightmare? I've only shot 1000 ft of film. Q. Is fresh 16mm film always a better image than short ends? Q. Is fresh 35mm always better than Short? Q. Is .18cents per ft. a good price for 35mm short ends?
  8. Speak of the devil. http://www.petapixel.com/2012/05/23/omnivisions-new-sensor-could-bring-4k-video-to-your-next-smartphone/
  9. Here, here. I wish I knew the difference between size and latitude. Does it mean that in order for a lens to be capable of transmitting 4k resolution that it has to be sizable? I haven't started lens study yet. PS. I'm sure there will be fantastic cat videos by then. Internet will speed up and phones will have Auto Movie aps with Lucas Shot director. Darth Vader will audibly instruct you where to put the camera. Light Saber sounds, the whole bit.
  10. I like you Travis. I know the math. Digital is more expensive in many circumstances. Clients hire people because they don't know what to do. They want something that get's clients, attention and respect. Giving them something that causes them to lose respect in some communities isn't what they want. They don't know the difference but we do. Digital marketing has been focused on the death of film since the 70's. Do you really want to help those bastards? Plus film looks magnificent and it's timeless. You can't put a price tag on that. I care what happens to film because I want to shoot it. There are many like me.
  11. I'm just trying to help film be around. I'm trying to help and I don't care what anyone thinks about me. Film is more important to me than my pride.
  12. I always get humbled when insulting people.
  13. The gold thing was a bit much I admit. But do you make your own films?
  14. Your case was rested long time ago has been. You must feel really bad to attack a nobody like me. What did I say? I was right and you blew up. Your a filmmaker? what did you do?
  15. Isn't that were all artist' are? We know it's all about money for you. It's your master and you do what your boss says. Gary puts the lotion on it's skin, it does this whenever it's told.
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