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flexible ethernet cable

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I am trying to rig the si2k onto my steadicam tango rig. I need the most flexible ethernet cable i can find as the slave head is very sensitive.


Can i get away with 3m of cat 5 cable?


Can anyone recomend me any super flexible cable?


Recording onto a one beyond deck.

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Most cat 5 is solid core and therefore not very flexible. It has to be, as that's the type of cable with which the connectors are designed to mate.


You can get stranded core "cat 5" (which isn't then really cat 5, but will do the job). With care, you can even make it off into an RJ-45, but treat the resulting assembly gently.


I'm not clear what the application is here, but if it's non-gigabit ethernet only four of the eight cores are used. If it's actually transmitting picture information, it will be gigabit, but otherwise you could try to find some two-pair UTP cable that would do the job, and just connect the required cores, which would give you about the most flexible cable possible.



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The best solution we've come up with for rigging a 2K Mini on the Tango is to use stranded conductor, shielded CAT-5E cable and carefully remove the outer jacket and foil shield for about 8" in the areas where the cable needs to be wrapped around the gimbals. The trick here is to leave the "drain wire" (the un-insulated conductor inside the jacket) intact so the electrical connection remains from the 2K Mini to the recorder.


As for which wire to use, my particular favorite for this application is Canford model 31-850. A picture of a Mini on the prototype Tango from last year is included to illustrate this approach. Call us if you would like to discuss this... +1.949.650.1766


Sinclair Fleming

Silicon Imaging

Irvine, CA


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Thanks for all the responses! Yeah, it will be sending the full Gigabit video signal. I am interested in your explanation Phil about the number of cores etc.


I like what you guys did Sinclair. I had heard of this. I am a little unsure if I have the courage to turn up on a commercial in two weeks with my homemade cut up cable. I'll order some in and see what I can do...


In the mean time I am considering getting an SI-2K to two times 2 pair UTP cable.. That would give me two cables coming off the head each with 4 cores. I'll wrap one around the head in one direction (clockwise) and the other (counterclockwise) and hope their tensions cancel each other out. Then get a suitable Y cable to join them back together.


My ideal is still just to find some super flexible 8 core cable.. it is 8 cores I need huh.


Sinclair, I will be giving you a shout!



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