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Jack Aversano

tv screen scan lines

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I want to use my 5d (video) to film tv screens without the rolling scan lines. I'm shooting at 24p, 1/50

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NTSC monitors or computer monitors?


If TV monitors, there's not much you can do (and it's even worse if they are computer CRT monitors). The monitors are running at 59.94 fields per second / 29.97 frames per second. Your camera is running at 23.976 fps (which is what 24P actually is on the Canon.)


With a 1/48th shutter speed, you get a rolling bar, maybe an inch wide.


If you change your shutter speed to as close to 144 degrees (1/60th) as you can get, then the rolling bars become thin rolling lines. That's about as good as you are going to get.


Actually, at 23.976 instead of 24, they may not be rolling anymore but they will be visible on screen, the thin lines. If you had a way of phasing the camera, which you don't, you could move the lines -- at 23.976 with a 1/60th shutter, you choice is either one thin line in the center or two thin lines, one near the top and one near the bottom.


The only way to have no lines is to either shoot at 30P (actually 29.97P) or use a special 23.976 fps CRT monitor with special 23.976 fps playback equipment.

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