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Zolly in Panic Room

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Hey guys. I'm shooting a short at the end of the month and the last shot of the film is a Panic Room inspired Zolly shot. I've never done a Zolly (the right way) before and was wondering if anyone had any tips. Here's what I'll be working with:


RED Epic

RED 18-50mm T3 zoom

36' of steel tube track

Matthews Doorway Dolly on skates


Are there zoom rigs that I should be looking into? I've never done a zooming shot before. Here's the shot in Panic Room that this is based off of: (skip to 3:04)


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The remote for the follow focus isn't really the best for slow zooms. A zoom control is better because it takes the guess work out of speed, you can set it for any speed and just hold the trigger and it will repeat the speed every time, or you can ramp speed etc.


Were you talking about pulling back while you zoom out, or push/zoom-in? I don't remember the film much.


You can do it with the remote FF but it might not really be ideal.

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