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  1. I think Ari has said that it may have been reframed a little in post. It’s also possible that the sequence is comprised of multiple takes. Whip pans are an excellent place to hide cuts, after all.
  2. Even in the highest gear, I think you would struggle to pan a geared head that fast. An Arrihead takes 9.5 turns of the wheel in 3rd gear to pan 180°. That’s a lot do in just over a second.
  3. I find the key with kind of pans that Ari is doing there is to lower the drag in the head so that it is not fighting you when you whip across, but it’s not so low that you can’t stop the move smoothly. If you take too much out, the head will slop around all over the place when you try to stop the pan. A little trial and error will help you arrive at the right setting. Body posture is also crucial. You’re basically pivoting between two points that you can’t see until they appear in your viewfinder. You need to have a fixed point of reference. I like to plant my feet so that I can twist from one end of the pan to the other without moving them.You can see Ari doing the same thing in the video. Note that he’s also using the matte box bars as a second pan handle. This helps you keep the camera movement exactly tied to your body movement. Then it’s just a case of practicing the move until you start to get used to the position your body needs to be in for both frames. Lastly, you need to not think about it, just kind of feel it. I find if I try to consciously analyze the move, I’ll get it wrong.
  4. I think by the time you're far enough involved to be having a scheduling discussion, you probably know people well enough to express an opinion on issues outside of your immediate responsibility. I've certainly had plenty of discussions with directors regarding dialogue and plotting once I've got to know them (and once I'm sure they didn't also write the script...)
  5. Generally, I'd say keep your comments to yourself. If you have reservations about the script, but it has other selling points to you, like a director you want to work with, or a genre you're interested in, or you feel that they are aware of the problems and working to solve them, then fine. If not, don't take the job. Very few people are receptive to unsolicited criticism, particularly from a crew member whose job is images, not words.
  6. Talk to Les Bosher http://www.lesbosher.co.uk/ if it’s possible, he’s probably already made one.
  7. You need the Test Out page of the Operations Menu. Test Out Menu set on. Pg150 of the manual. The Test out is set via the output page of the User menu. If you don’t have an option there for Test Out, it might mean you don’t have an expansion board installed. Pg 94 of the manual. This is how I remember it being, and the manual seems to agree, but it’s been over ten years since I used a 900r, so YMMV
  8. Really, JD? We expect that kind of crap from Tyler, but I thought you were better than that.
  9. These forums are open to all members to contribute. It’s not up to you to decide who posts and who doesn’t.
  10. You could try looking at aluminum sheets from home improvement stores. You can sometimes find them in different finishes, and they can look interesting.
  11. Umm, no they don’t. They have the equivalent of 1.5 stops less DoF than s35 Sized sensors.
  12. So anyone who disagrees with your subjective opinion is in denial of basic facts? That’s a rather arrogant and close minded stance for a student to take.
  13. There are significant numbers of well known cinematographers who would disagree.
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