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  1. That looks like veiling glare from a large, bright source. It often happens when you have bright windows in frame, or just out of frame. I would try using some kind of soft source, just above the frame. You’ll probably need to experiment with the position to get the effect you want. Your choice of lens will be a big factor as well, as most modern lens are deliberately coated to reduce flare of this kind.
  2. Rags are generally kept in their own drawstring sacks, which are clearly labeled and stacked up on a shelf on the grip truck. I’ve never seen or needed a more complicated system.
  3. The gears are so that the lenses can be used with a follow focus. I’ve used the Rokinons once or twice. I’ve never thought of them as being much larger than a stills lens. Certainly, compared to a master prime or an S4 they are tiny.
  4. The blowup process itself would have been enough to soften the look of Master Primes. A s16 to 35mm blowup is a 4x enlargement. That’s a considerable increase in grain. No wonder you’re seeing additional texture.
  5. I don’t know that they’re on top of each other for any reason other than just to get them very close together. This happens all the time when you have multiple cameras for coverage and you need to get them close to the actor’s eyelines.
  6. How about something like this? Document tube Not exactly a soft case, but a great deal lighter than a flight case. Otherwise, maybe something like an ice hockey stick bag would work.
  7. Maybe. I just prefer the surprise to be, well, a surprise.
  8. But once you know there’s a twist, you start to watch the movie in a different way, looking for clues...
  9. This is lovely, Uli. Was it written by the same Michael Marshall Smith that wrote Only Forward, and Spares?
  10. Perhaps best not to mention there's a twist, Robin....
  11. That’s just a threaded plate bolted onto a flight case. Any machine shop should be able to make that for you. Another alternative would be something like this: https://modernstudio.com/products/flat-screen-monitor-mount-swivel-junior-baby-vesa-100x100
  12. El Mirage is favorite for LA based production. It’s about an hour and a half outside of LA, in Mojave.
  13. You could try an 82A filter on the camera. It’s not a full correction, but it would help to ‘cool down’ the tungsten lamps, and it only requires a 1/3 stop compensation.
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