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Common Student Film Techniques

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Wow, I remember reading this article 15 years ago. Around the late 90's at earliest, some of it still rings true. In 2005 I went to the intro summer session for the film program at NYU and sure enough there was a person or two who did the "struggling artist" film. To add to it, there always seemed to be the "abortion film," especially in the abstract style (Black and white footage of a girl looking sad, with intercuts of a bloody clothes hanger).


The audio is always an issue. It's a totally different world from the visual art skills. I always tell people to get a dedicated and experienced sound person if they can. Its always surprising starting out when we all think we have the sound down pat, then realize how crappy it is in post. Over the summer I helped someone with their project for the 48 hour film festival in the city, and I was surprised how awe full the sound was on 90% of the entries.

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