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TruColor HS vs. Creamsource

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Haven't used the TruColor yet, but I own and am very familiar with the Area 48 which is basically exactly the same thing, just smaller in size, wattage and output.


They're very different lights.


The Creamsource (well the Doppio at least - I haven't used their other models) is a hard light with a narrow beam spread from its LEDs (I think it's 15 degrees from memory), tonnes of punch, bullet-proof construction and good colour but the power of the LEDs makes the multi-source nature of the Creamsource pretty apparent so it takes a fair bit of diff to smooth that out into a single source. Having the hard source, does make it the more versatile light though.


The remote phosphor lights are very different, they're an inherently soft single-source light (well in the case of the Cineo HS it's a dual source, but the two panels are so close together I hardly think you'd ever see it), light output is tremendous for the power draw and colour rendering is as good as HMI IMO, there are no green spikes to worry about, and it works a treat on skintones. Remote phosphor also has the benefit of being able to change colour temperature quickly and relatively cheaply, whereas the Creamsource (and any diode-based LED) requires you to pick a colour (or bi-colour) from the outset.


Both fixtures have the delightful benefit of dimming without colour shift.


If you could only have one light, the Creamsource would be the way to go - simply for the versatility of having a hard light. But for me personally, remote phosphor has replaced fluorescents as my go to softlight, and mine come out with me on every single job. The remote phosphor setup is much easier to grid and control spill from, and there's no issues with magenta colour shift when dimming them (unlike Kino Divas).


Hope that helps.

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