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New Lytro still camera - Light field capture with retro focus/DoF as the future in cinematography?

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New generation Lytro light-field camera anounced:



Lytro gets serious with the $1,599 Illum light-field camera


I can just imagine this thing being able in the next generation to

pump those light-field gathered files at our beloved film frame rates or higher...


The new RAW?


No worries about focus/DoF?

No more focus pullers?




Anyone new to light-filed imaging can read
Lytro Founder Ren Ng’s PhD dissertation "DIGITAL LIGHT FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY"

Don't be discouraged, it is not just (abstract) text and formulas, plenty of pictures and diagrams.







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Fascinating technology, and I have no doubt it'll eventually find specific niche use within the broader filmmaking world - but the moment you take intent out of the images you capture and leave it for post, I think you lose the focus and direction that clear storytelling needs. And I fear that could do the craft of filmmaking more harm than good.

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