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  1. Mendes should have gone the Ang Lee route for even more immersion. And BIGGER! 8K 240fps 3D 🙂 Haven't seen the movie, is on the watch list. ... Without spoiling and all knowing it is one continuous shot, i've seen in the trailer day and night scenes, could somebody describe when does it start and end? Night to Day? 2 hours seems small range to me for realtime(?) transition from night to day...
  2. Just received a link to YouTube where somebody put the entire film. English hard coded subtitles included. 🙂 Enjoy! Trivia: Almost all spoken language between the main protagonists is not the native Macedonian language. It is Turkish and from what i gathered, between Hatidzhe and her mother even an older Turkish dialect - the mentioned protagonists being part of an ethnicity group.
  3. Two Oscar nominations: Best Documentary and Best International Feature Film (formerly Best Foreign Language Film) 🙂 IndieWire - Historic ‘Honeyland’ Oscar Noms Prove Docs Shouldn’t Just Be Relegated to Doc Category Forbes - ‘Honeyland’: The First North Macedonian Film To Receive Two Oscar Nominations
  4. I just watched it yesterday. Very interesting Hyper, non-resting , nerving.... As much the character was annoying, with his behavior at times, all in all it was a good film. Well done. I liked Sandler. Good job. I thought it was shot digital. Surprised to read here it was film. However, i think i saw in one occasion during a fast pan or a bus/vehicle passing by some rolling shutter skewing... :)
  5. "The Captain" - 2017 (German: Der Hauptmann) Directed by Robert Schwentke. Shot by Florian Ballhaus, son of Michael Ballhaus. ... Great (end of) war movie. Tense, ironic, a lot of WTF's... (pardon my language) Even based on a real story! :) ... "SCHNELL-GERICHT HEROLD" = "QUICK-JUSTICE HEROLD" 🙂 - You'll get it when you watch it. And keep watching it while the credits roll :)
  6. HBO's "Watchmen" From WIKI: "While the series is technically a sequel, which takes place 34 years after the events of the comics within the same alternate reality, Lindelof wanted to introduce new characters and conflicts that create a new story within the Watchmen continuity, rather than creating a reboot. " GREAT. Love it. Dark, dense, tense... Needed to rewatch the feature film and read some articles about the comics in order to know the back story. 🙂
  7. Just fresh in! 🙂 David as guest on Indy Mogul:
  8. I am proud to announce that a documentary film from my country Macedonia was nominated in the new documentary category for the 34th ASC Awards: Two directors - Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. Two cinematographers - Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma. 400 hours of material, approximately 100 shooting days, during three years of the production. Shot mainly on Nikon DSLRs. I was pleasantly surprised for its Rotten Tomatoes rating of 99%. Nice article on No Film School about the shooting of the film: 'Honeyland': Shooting By Candlelight and Oil Lamp Like an 18th-Century Dutch Painter Available on AppleTV - LINK PS: At the ASC nomination ceremony the cinematographers names were pronounced super funny and incorrect. On Facebook they both have a good tease on each other about their "new" names. 🙂 So ASC, note: Fejmi Daut -> Fay-mee Dha-oot, Samir Ljuma - > Sah-meer Lyoo-mah.
  9. Try slightly blurring the layer/track of the digital hand drawings, in AE or whatever you are using for compositing. Also slightly desaturate the track till it matches the background. Maybe raise the black levels?
  10. What? 🙂 The Panasonic S1H Is Netflix Approved "Netflix has just announced that the Panasonic S1H is Netflix Approved to shoot Netflix 4k Originals content. That means that the S1H is the first mirrorless camera delivering “good enough” quality for shooting the high-quality programming the video streaming leader demands. Even more impressive is the fact that it can do it internally, without the use of an external video recorder." All text on Cinema 5D: Panasonic S1H – The First Netflix Approved Mirrorless Camera
  11. So, you are saying for £400 if anything goes wrong with equipment the insurance got you covered up to £30.000, something happens to location or in public you got covered up to £5 Mills and (God protect) some crew/talent is injured up to £10 Mills are there for compensation? £400 for that peace of mind is a steal.
  12. "Bounty hunting is a complicated profession." - I hear a VERY familiar voice over a fast sequence of action "Don't you agree?" - i see the FACE i had that voice associated with. :) I was W.T.Hell?! Herzog in Star Wars?! :) PS: Just red an article where Werner confesses he's newer seen any SW movie: https://mentalfloss.com/article/582839/werner-herzog-has-never-seen-star-wars
  13. Took my meter out... Couldn't help myself. 🙂 "f/3.6 - Not great, not terrible"
  14. It finished . Another viewing is in order... after learning all the things leading to the disaster. ... This got me very interested on the subject so i kept watching like addicted on YT: nuclear reactors, their start-up, MIT's reactor, how nuclear fuel is made, disposal etc... After commenting on YT's "How it's made : Nuclear fuel rods" video with "Chernobyl (2019) brought me here" i got couple of replies"Same here!". Hot topic. 🙂 So hot, that FLIR made and published a video featuring their radioactivity measuring devices used in a trip from Kiev to the exclusion zone in Chernobyl and doing various measurements on different places. Now that's marketing! At the check point to the exclusion zone i saw and confirmed later also on the Chernobyl-Tour website there is a Information/Souvenir kiosk. I was WTF?!? (Pardon my language)
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