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  1. What Phil said about difference of capture rate of camera and playback rate of viewing device. That's one thing. Another is the speed of panning and/or the motion of subject/object in the frame. For the panning there was a chart in the ASC Manual - what panning speed for chosen frame rate & focal length. I had an image from those pages but could not find it. Found this online. I'm not sure, but i think it is the same: A good article with video examples on that topic is from RED: RED.COM/RED-101 - Panning Speed Best Practices and an online panning speed tool calculator for their cameras: RED.Com - Panning Tool
  2. Ha! 🙂 Been exited for this since i heard Spielberg will be doing it. Saw the original as a kid on TV. At that time i didn't knew English, watched a subtitled musical from start till the end. Was taken away by the intro of the movie, and the melody and chorus of "America" stuck with me. When the trailer of Spielberg's version came out I've posted it on FB with passion and expectation of some positive response. The legendary Spielberg re-doing an iconic movie. ZERO! NADA! - response. In disbelieve i've asked myself is it really possible no one saw the original film? 🙃 ... Haven't see it yet, waiting to be on some streaming service. Might give a go of the old one first, but have suspicions it wont have the same impact as when i was kid. ... I've watched a featurette on the making of and was surprised on seeing Kaminski doing the lighting with old school Spectra Professional Analog lightmeter. :) Variety - How Janusz Kamiński Used Light and Shadows to Create Drama in Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ (EXCLUSIVE)
  3. Remote (wireless) focus pulling with the aid of image from the video tap, feedback from a Cinetape or similar Ultrasonic Rangefinder Tracking System, Gut feeling... 😄
  4. What's with the DSLR rigged on the left side? 😄 Out of budget for a 3rd IMAX cam? No, seriously - for redundancy, for reference?...
  5. GIRLS (chorus) I like to be in America, O.K. by me in America, Everything free in America— BERNARDO For a small fee in America. ... Will there be any T-Rex's? 😂 Just kidding. Love Spielberg, eager to see his take on this.
  6. This video might give you some ideas. There is some blocking of light involved. Or try eggcrates in front the diffusion pannel.
  7. Chapter 13 - The Jedi, has the return of a "Clone Wars" & "Rebels" favorite character, Luke Skywalker's apprentice Ahsoka Tano. Some Kurosawa moments in it: Image found on Imgur (https://imgur.com/t/mandalorian/Pdmh2wo) ... Chapter 14, was GREAT, won't spoil anything, just being surprised it was directed by Robert Rodriguez.
  8. I really liked the Bryce directed episode. Can't point the finger why but it looked and felt good. And the last one, Chapter 12, directed by Karl Weathers. Great action, superb chase scene. I am starting to like the show more... 🙂 ... Since i watched the making of, with the projected environment studio setup, i keep analyzing and figuring out which scene is how done on that stage. 🙂
  9. I think in a situation as you put it "a script/project you really want to like, but you know it needs work." you should voice your concerns in the initial meetings. Politely you can say what you really like and got exited about the project and then say "however i got couple of issues that seem ________ (illogical, whatever...) to me" and discuss it. I think the idea is not to try to rework the entire thing, just address issues you can't live with and would not like to see your name associated with that construct.
  10. Kodak broke bad? 😎 ... Couldn't help it... It inspired me to do a meme:
  11. Can we expect 12k Jello-Vision fest? :) ... How come mucho "K" image and high DR are the only goals for such a long time and rolling shutter readouts or Global shutter implementation is the last thing in order to be improved upon... 😡
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