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  1. I really liked the Bryce directed episode. Can't point the finger why but it looked and felt good. And the last one, Chapter 12, directed by Karl Weathers. Great action, superb chase scene. I am starting to like the show more... 🙂 ... Since i watched the making of, with the projected environment studio setup, i keep analyzing and figuring out which scene is how done on that stage. 🙂
  2. I think in a situation as you put it "a script/project you really want to like, but you know it needs work." you should voice your concerns in the initial meetings. Politely you can say what you really like and got exited about the project and then say "however i got couple of issues that seem ________ (illogical, whatever...) to me" and discuss it. I think the idea is not to try to rework the entire thing, just address issues you can't live with and would not like to see your name associated with that construct.
  3. Kodak broke bad? 😎 ... Couldn't help it... It inspired me to do a meme:
  4. Can we expect 12k Jello-Vision fest? :) ... How come mucho "K" image and high DR are the only goals for such a long time and rolling shutter readouts or Global shutter implementation is the last thing in order to be improved upon... 😡
  5. I love them too. Great story and visuals. Some screens: "Ida" (2013)
  6. Dig out your old SD CCD non rolling shutter camcorders and start creating content 🙂 YouTube follows Netflix by reducing video stream quality in Europe
  7. BTW, i watched recently the new stop motion movie from Aardman Animations - "A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon" (TRAILER) In one scene Shaun and his new Alien friend are in the spaceship and Alien looks after something in a pile of stuff. Various objects start to fly from the pile in front of Shaun and camera, including a Minolta IVF/VF like lightmeter! 🙂 Nice homage for a filmmaking tool. 🙂
  8. I have and love my Minolta Auto Meter VF. In my opinion, one of the best overall incident meters. Just incident, no illumination of the screen, no FC/LUX mode. Simple AA battery. A lot of them on ebay for a good price. If you want a new, get the Kenko KFM-1100, the same meter. (After Minolta ended it's manufacturing) ------------------- For combined meter check out Minolta Flashmeter VI. Incident + 1 degree spotmeter, big LCD screen, runs on one AA battery. No FC/LUX mode. Plenty available on ebay in relatively good shape from Japan. It's re-branded version is the Kenko KFM-2100. Discontinued. Successor is the Kenko KFM-2200. Illuminated LCD screen, some added functions, LUX metering (no FC). Still one AA battery.
  9. "Altered Carbon" from Netflix. Now i'm on season 2. If you are into "Blade Runner" - you'll like this. :)
  10. How much is the shutter rolling? 😀
  11. Anybody watching? Looks great. Star Trek is getting stylistically and thematically darker. As Ryan Arey from ScreenRant comented on his "Every Easter Egg in Episode 5 + Breakdown & Theories" YT video: "OK... I guess this isn't my mom's Star Trek anymore. People curse, they vape, and **** is probably hold up in her quarters with space heroin" :) Somehow till this episode #5 i had the feeling of things are still "prepping" for the "upcoming" action. Not that there wasn't any, far from it. It comes i guess being used from STNG and Picard in it, where most of the episodes were self contained stories. And here you wait for the next to see the resolution and the new cliffhanger, long story arc of Picard and the rest of the cast... That's alright though. To me the exterior space scenes/ships slightly hing toward the "electronic" look. I might be hairsplitting here. BTW i am not talking practicals vs. CGI here. Just a wish for slight dose of "imperfection" maybe for added realism...
  12. "Blade 2" has nice extras, including some storyboards (If i remember correctly), BTS explanation of lighting of the scene ("1K's up there, 2K gelled with..." etc) and actual BTS shooting of the scene.
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