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  1. In Villeneuve i trust. But, Timothée Chalamet as Paul? Isn't he too thin? Building up the physique in progress? :)
  2. MINI version of the Alexa LF More info and detailed PDF report from Jon Fauer's Film and Digital Times: ARRI ALEXA Mini LF – Large Format ... Cheers PS: Hope this it the proper subforum for it. I did a search and couldn't find other post for this news. 🙂
  3. Welcome. Let us know what you came up with. :) Cheers.
  4. What about the beads rolling into position? Arrange the beads into the word, then tilt slightly the surface for the beads to roll off. Reverse footage. The camera and lights need to be mounted together with the surface in order to tilt in sync.
  5. Is the goal to create it strictly on location with lights? Why not tastefully photoshop them?
  6. Pawel Pawlikowski/Lukasz Zal, the polish director/cinematographer duo behind the Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film "Ida", bring us another great black and white, 1.33 ratio, short and sweet movie - "Cold War" Cold War (2018) - Trailer Here and there some "Ida" like framing can be seen - talent in bottom half of frame, but very occasionally. Nice visuals, great music... "Dwa serduszka cztery oczy ojojoj" (Two hearts, four eyes...)
  7. From the Bydgoszcz Airport web site the bus line is 80: How to get to the city centre (LINK)
  8. Yeah, i remember this! :) Red about it then how they made it, the months of rendering on their home computers and so on... :) "405" (film) - wikipedia article
  9. Thanks for the explaining. I've watched some videos for some remote controllers and i think there were such features mentioned, but since I'm not inclined toward the 1st AC duties and knowings, I've forgot the exact features and which model/brand was in question... :)
  10. When using remote focus pulling, is it possible for the controller to be set to linear response, or to any other response you are comfortable with independent of the lens?
  11. To me the online footage i see from various DJI's looks amazingly good, so i wonder are they used for big feature films or you NEED an Octacopter with Alexa/Red/Whatever with big sensor thing... :) (production won't permit using "toys" for their movie)
  12. Why would you shoot 30p if your finish is 24P? Yes, the distribution of those 30 frames in the 24 will result in motion irregularities. Even image irregularities. Depends what your software does, it may not drop the excess frames, but blend them together - 2 images in one. Or some motion estimation tricks might be in place generating some or all the "proper" 24 frames by analyzing the 30 from the original footage... If it is just the video you need, simple slowing down of the footage (interpretation) to 24 will do the trick. It will be slightly longer and play back smooth in your 24p project.
  13. AR as in ARnold + RI as in REAd. or Ah-Ree Here videos where germans pronounce it: (links at correct time start) DW Deutch: Made in Germany | Weltmeister: Kameras von Arri Arri Alexa 65 (german)
  14. "During the shooting of a movie, the sound engineer is very strict and needs absolute silence to ensure the control of the sound captured. Photographers have to use a blimp, it’s a sort of box in which you put the camera in, it is noise canceling. That’s very expensive, heavy, very restrictive regarding the controls and is then annoying to use. The Sony A7RII is a little revolution of its own. It is quite surprising at the beginning and you have to get used to it as you’re not sure to have pushed enough the shutter button." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOURCE: Being A Movie Set Photographer: Alex Pixelle
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