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FOR SALE- Stanton Jimmy Jib Model III+ Marshall 17" Monitor & Spare Package

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We have a Jimmy Jib Model III in terrific condition, ready to work and priced to sell!


Package includes:

3 wheel dolly with pneumatic tires

Steering arm

Heavy duty tripod

Leveling head

1 fulcrum extension

1 head extension

2 rear extensions

4 forward extensions

Weight bar


6ft pulley cable

9ft pulley cable

12ft pulley cable

15ft pulley cable

18ft pulley cable


12ft strut cable

15 ft strut cable

18ft strut cable


Camera Platform

Strut Post


12' extension cable

6' Extension cable

Control Box Cable

Zoom/joystick Controller Cable

Battery box/control box Jumper


Brainbox/battery box


(1) Joystick Controller

(1) Zoom Controller

(2) Pan/tilt motors

(1) Tally light

(1) Tally box

(1) Focus Motor

(1) Iris motor

(1) Canon to Fuji zoom adapter

(1) Remote Head


Also for seperate sale:


(1)17" Marshall Monitor with Yoke & hoodman


Spare package


(1) Zoom Controller

(1) Joystick Controller

(1) controller cable

(1) pan/tilt motor

(1) focus motor

(1) head harness

(1) control box cable

(1) 12' Control cable

(1) control box

(1) battery box control box jumper cable


For pricing and picture inquiries:




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