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Albion Hockney

Underexposing backround in daylight

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Kinda the opposite of my last post...I have a shoot coming up and was interested in possibly doing some shots where I over power sunlight in direct sun. Basically flag the sun and use an 18/12k hmi at a close enough distance to where I am about 2 stops above direct sunlight.


I have not seen any work like this before....alot of fashion photo work but no film. I was just curious if anyone has an references to this being done and I was a bit concerned about the saftey of big HMI at close distance.


the arri photo metric calculator said its not safe to be closer to an 12k arrimax then 30ft!? is that the case? Is this because of heat or UV or something? I mean I have been 10ft from a 12light with narrow bulbs and its hot but its not going to burn you....

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I don't think your actors will catch on fire but I'm fairly sure they'll be very uncomfortable and I doubt they'd be able to open their eyes. Other then that it'll probably look good though.

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Yea we are going to give it a high angle through some diff so the talent should be able to see ok. Satsuki the problem with shinny board is that I need the light to be stronger then direct sun as shinny board is reflective I don't think your ever going to get more out of it then the sun.....also lack of control would be an issue.



sorry this post is in the wrong forum I dont know how that happened can a moderator switch it over to lighting?

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