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  1. update. https://apnews.com/article/alec-baldwin-rust-movie-shooting-charges-decision-8c76eddb8a6418419078903d24ec3813
  2. this may help: https://dofsimulator.net/en/ at 25m to get an ECU you would have to be on an impossibly long lens, so it would need to be VFX at that point.
  3. for whatever reason I was under the impression 35mm negative film didn't come in till the 70's, 80's. Can anyone name some examples of 35mm films shot on color reversal through the 70s, 80s, 90s?
  4. with the renewed interest in color reversal I was just curious when we transitioned to negative film. What were cinematographers thoughts about it at the time? Did anyone still prefer reversal for the rich blacks and saturated colors?
  5. Just use something nylon like griff or ultrabounce w/ black on one side. for sure a 12x black rag will get really heavy and soaked if its pouring rain on it.
  6. First I'd say the age of the scan and color correct makes a major impact. Also the format you watched them in. But I think mostly what you are reacting to is the style of the films. These are totally different projects. Tarantino likes the look of B-Films that use harsh lighting techniques and you can see that at play here. It was also 1994, so the large soft source lighting of the mid 2000's and 2010's was not popular yet. Lord of the rings for sure used softer more contemporary lighting techniques and had a DI color correct (early digital process where the film was scanned, color corrected digitally and re-printed to film) so the color is much more manipulated. the speed and size of the film negative really only impacts grain and neither of these projects show much grain at all. personally, I think Pulp fictions looks way more interesting and you are now seeing a return to some of the harsher 90's lighting techniques now in newer work.
  7. I dont think you have the lights to sell this in wide shots with complete control and all your own lights. I would shoot during the day and use natural ambiance from the windows then use the brightest light/s you have as an isolated direct beam of sunlight and then roll in light diffusion over it. shooting tighter will help.
  8. I'm sure this was shot on a sound stage, just because of practicality for a tv series. Often times sets are built with ceilings, but they can build in mounting points or in some cases even remove sections of the ceiling if needed for lighting a certain shot or scene. I just saw the trailer and its clear they are using a lot of practical lights, the DP probably worked closely with the art department. That said you can also see that there is lighting to manage contrast ratios and light the talent in some shots, its likely most of this is coming from the ceilings or units outside of frame from the ground on stands. All the techniques you mentioned are possible to use in different ways to create a similar look, but yea Litmats would be a popular choice for soft light motivated by lamps and to create low level soft fill light.
  9. If you start getting called for union gigs and have to permit in that is a good time. I feel like most DPs these days get an agent before they go 600 so that gives you an idea. depend on the type of work you do though
  10. Every AC works different. Not every high end AC uses a focus assist tool and those tools are only aids anyways ...some do like working off monitors. most veteran AC's have a 9 or 13' 1080 display these days.
  11. Both the techniques you mentioned along with a handful of others are regularly used for just this...very popular for the long lens b-camera side angle. it helps to have time to play with it on set and its easier on longer lenses. usually you just use vasaline for the filter thing, but it really does just blur the frame. sometimes people just to place a glass of water in the edge of the frame, that gives a similar effect to prisms. backlit helps with all of this sorta stuff usually. There is even some kit you can buy of prisms and various objects you can place right on the edge of frame
  12. I don't find this to be true. LED to HMI efficiency seems pretty similar. I find the 600d close to as bright as a joker 800 a 1200D is like an M18 bulbed with a 1200W bulb...again maybe a touch less?
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