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Monster Running Out of Movie Screen

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Hello All,


I'm trying to figure out how to shoot the following effect for a thesis film that I'm shooting at my film school:


The concept is that we see a character inside a movie theater screen, running towards the screen (towards the camera); as he reaches a point he comes out of the screen into the actual theater.


We don't see the bottom of the screen, and the shot is in a medium.


We will be shooting b-roll of the movie footage playing, and are playing around with looking at luma key or chroma key, and will be expecting some rotoing in order to make the character come through the screen.


Has anyone on here done a similar effect? Your advice is much appreciated.




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Hmmm, well shooting part A and part B will be easy enough, it's the transition that will be the problem. Know any good VFX artists?


One idea may be to shoot the character running toward camera against green screen. Then add all the BG in afterward, shoot your movie theatre plate as a separate item, in that plate leave a space where the monster will run. I think isolating the monster against green screen and having the theatre plate separate will give you the quality and seamless nature you are looking for.

When you shoot the movie theatre plate, don't have anything on it, add that in post as well. This gives you control over your main three elements that make up the shot.



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