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I've done it. I haven't done the color work on the project yet, but my on-set experience with it was fantastic. Definitely use a cage and devise a way to protect the HDMI connector on the camera though - I didn't have any problems but it seems like something you could easily break

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Don't overlook the optical demands of 4K. You can't use crappy old lenses.


Haha I used crappy old lenses! But I like crappy old lenses and I captured 4k not for a 4k finish, but a clean (but softened) 1080p finish. That extra resolution will give the director room for 10-15% blowups without anyone noticing. And I'd rather have more control over the sharpening applied to the image than to let the body sharpen the 1080p output for me.

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Thank you guys!

I was a bit worried, also cause of the fact I don't know of many short films shot with the A7s, being more of a still photography camera.. I wonder if any of you know of good and well photographed short films /or even indie films shot with the A7s!

if yes any link would be much appreciated :)

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