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ASC Masterclass Day 2 setup question

Igor Trajkovski

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I was wondering in this ASC Masterclas day 2 photo of the set
what the purpose of the diffusion frame above and in front of
the ziplight is?


In the consecutive photographs in the Day 2 album on FB,
you can see the configuration for both behind the shoulders

is the same - zip's as backlight + frontal fill, and diffusion frame above and in front of each one.

Extension of the hair light and slightly wrapping (from above) in front of face?

Some illumination for the table?

Here is the FB link:






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At the bottom of my 1st post is the link

to the above picture in the ASC's Facebook page.

Click and just wait. By me initially it shows the cover page of the album,

and shorty after switches to the above picture.

The next one is wider showing the set. Then some others showing of set.
Cycling through to see them.

I guess you need to be logged onto your FB account. Maybe even subscribed to the ASC page?... :)

If FB is the "barrier" I'll attach here more photos from there.





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Oh, I see it now. It's probably diffusing some toplight spill from the space light on the actors faces, or just taking down intensity of the table a bit. Could also be that there was a hard-ish reflection coming off the table from the space-light, and the diffusion frame is softening that out.


Looks like in one of the setups they also flew in a grip double bottomer on one of the zip lights and the diffusion frame is acting as a topper, so maybe it's diffusing some spill coming from the top of the light onto the back wall?

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I can answer this question since I was there.

We had 3 space lights hanging above the ceiling. Bob had the middle one turned on for the ambiance, but he wanted the harsh shadows coming from the top light diffused from the actress, hence the 4x4 diff on top of her head.

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