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FS: LOMO Spherical Set Regular/Superspeed (18, 22, 28, 35, 50, 75, 100mm) PL mount

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Hi All,

After spending a great deal of time and effort assembling this set, I'm reluctant to sell it but bills need to be paid.

All lenses have been collimated in the last few months, and have fresh PL mounts, FF gears and new rear caps. They have all been tested as sharp on an optical bench, and I can provide stills on request.

Designed for super 35 film, they almost certainly cover the Ursa 4.6k and all 4K sensors. 5K RED should be fine except on the 18mm where you'll see edge fall off.

Before anyone asks, I'm *not* interested in selling the lenses separately, only as a set.

18mm T3.1 (OKC 5-18-1 89090) - Very sharp

22mm T2.2 - Sharp, but like all 22mm, the weakest in the set

28mm T1.4 (OKC 9-28-1) - Superspeed - rehoused - great sharp lens

35mm T2.2 (OKC11-35-1 880228) - sharp, good mechanics

50mm T1.2 (OKC-11-50-1N 890010) - Superspeed - defect on the front element that has zero effect on the image. Many shots from the Vodafone TVC below are using the 50mm.

75mm T2.2 (OKC6-75-880079) - This version performed much better than Superspeed equivalent

100mm T3.1 (OKC2-100-2 79008) - Great mechanics and amazing image despite its age

Vodafone TVC shot on Red Epic with these lenses.

Asking US$9950 for the set, excluding shipping from Sydney, Australia and paypal fees.

If you'd like additional photos, please just ask.







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