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  1. Hi All, After spending a great deal of time and effort assembling this set, I'm reluctant to sell it but bills need to be paid. All lenses have been collimated in the last few months, and have fresh PL mounts, FF gears and new rear caps. They have all been tested as sharp on an optical bench, and I can provide stills on request. Designed for super 35 film, they almost certainly cover the Ursa 4.6k and all 4K sensors. 5K RED should be fine except on the 18mm where you'll see edge fall off. Before anyone asks, I'm *not* interested in selling the lenses separately, only as a set.
  2. Hi Satsuki, I've tested in on a GH4 1080p (~20mm diagonal) and there were no issues at all - so the problems on 2K crop on the Amira made no sense to me. Its looking more and more like operator error. I'm yet to find out if it was tested at the minimum close focus of ~6ft. Thanks again
  3. Thanks very much for your kind offer Dom. Tested very recently on a GH4 m43 with EF adapter and was nice and sharp at 1080p - no issues I could find. Obviously sensor is much smaller, but still no issues with either the mount nor the optics/mechanics.
  4. Hi Dom, Thanks very much - I actually was going to contact you directly but Neil at Lemac confirmed what you said. As I mentioned to Satsuki, above I wasn't present for the tests - but the DoP was experiencing a significant vignette across the entire zoom range and even at 2K. It certainly made no sense to me at all. The only thing I could think of was the flange distance was somehow greater than 44mm due to the lens-camera mount not engaging properly. He claimed his AC (an ex lens tech) said that these older zooms were designed for Academy and not s35 (true), and would vignette 25-30
  5. Sorry Gregg I misread your message. The sensor size diagonal on the c300 and Amira I'm pretty sure are a bit smaller than s35 so the adapter is almost certainly the issue.
  6. Hi Gregg, Thanks very much for looking into that for me. Was that the T3.9 or the newer HR version? Almost certainly the adapter is the issue...which makes no sense as it worked fine in the past. As far as I know the EF mount hasn't suddenly changed spec. Best option I think is to sell it off and suggest the buyer switch it for the more reliable PL. Thanks
  7. Hi Satsuki, Thanks very much for your feedback. Panavision used the lens on F35 relatively recently with no issues, however I suspect the problems cropped up after it was switched to EF. Not my preferred mount, but I got it for a good price. An ex Panavision lens tech confirmed it should cover an image circle of 28mm on the wide, and 32mm on the long end. It was setup properly, but sadly I wasn't present for the tests (a skilled DoP carried it out). However as you said, it was designed for Academy 35. Best guess is there are issues with the mount in this case. I know it'll cove
  8. Hi Giorgio, Lucky I've still got the 8mm. I'm based in Australia but more than happy to ship (will pack very well) - the 16, 25 and 50mm have gone to a guy in the US. Drop me an email to tristan@tcnewton.com and we can discuss if you're interested (test photos etc.) Cheers Tristan
  9. Hi, I've got an Angenieux 25-250 T3.9 in EF mount that for some strange reason is vignetting badly on a c300 MKII and an Amira in both 4K and 2K. Last time I tested it there were no issues on the long end on a full frame (5D) nor M4/3 camera across the full focal range. As far as I understand the EF flange distance is 44mm regardless of camera which suggests something very odd is happening with the mount. Panavision Australia fitted and tested it a while back and it *was* fine. Has anyone experienced anything strange like this happening? In terms of my options to fix it, should
  10. Hi, I'm willing to split the set if people are after specific lenses. The 50mm should cover Super 35mm with no issues. Cheers Tristan
  11. I'm selling my set of Super16 Optar Illumina cinema lenses along with brand new adapters for EF and MFT. As I've decided to switch to Super35 format I no longer need these lenses - they've never been used other than for tests so the glass is 100% clean - plus they've come directly from the KMZ factory - brand new with standard 0.8 pitch gears on the focus/iris rings. I purchased them as a modern alternative to Zeiss Super Speeds (which they were modeled on) since I was after a fast lens that could work well in available light. The quality of the glass is great, but some of the lenses are a li
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