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PAR vs Compact

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Compact has 96 footcandles at 45 feet on full flood


PAR has 135 footcandles at 45 feet on full flood


I found this information using the Arri Photometric calculator - and you can too: http://calc.arri.de/calculator


The reason, I think, is because the Compact has a wider beam angle (61-degrees) vs. the PAR (52-degrees).


The PAR is the more concentrated source, even at flood.


This smells like homework.

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People really hate it if it’s homework. don’t they. Or perhaps they just need to point out that it’s homework. I wonder why that is? Does it bother you that much?


Doesn't really bother me, but I find learning what something is called (Photometeric Data) helps one remember it for future use.


Now chances are that I answered the specific question, the OP didn't actually learn anything - I am hoping he will follow that link and play with the program, learning about photometric data in the process.

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