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  1. Shane Hurlbut is probably the most vocal DP that came from G side. He started driving the grip truck.
  2. Asking $3500, shipped Camera Body (Turret) 4-perf (1.33 TV safe) 1.85 Ground Glass 3x Schneider Lens set Matte box, various filters 1x 400' mag 3x 200' mag 24-fps motor Variable motor Battery (works) Battery cable Charging cable Various AKS, accessories (including Chronosynth lubrication grease and oil) Comes in two Pelican cases. Will also include 2000' Fuji expired 125, in 200' and 400' loads. Ready to ship to 48 US, shipping included. Overseas buyers can discuss current shipping regulations and costs. Que
  3. Tungsten will handle anything. Overvolt, undervolt. It just dims or gets brighter. There is, of course, a failure point at both ends. You can dim a tungsten globe till its effectively no longer incandescent. 120v globes can be overvolted too, before they pop. Don't worry about tungsten and gennys. For LED's, I've never worried about it either, because the cheap ones are so cheap who cares, just buy another if something happens. The Expensive versions usually come with really nice power supplies, and at that budget level, inverter generators. You should be able to r
  4. I’m happy to send in my electronics for testing if needed. I also need to find a tool to get the puppy off the outside so I can do the clutches, if anyone has an idea of the proper tool. 1mm hex should do it?
  5. I would love to come, but fortunately I'm booked both weekends. Surely there are some in the region?
  6. Other than Airstar, who make excellent products, Are there any makers of small balloon lights of 6 feet or less. Helium balloon with 2k tungsten or various flavors. im happy with paper lanterns, but I would love if I could get a similar size of helium balloon with built in bulb. Maybe I’ll have to build one?
  7. The show I am gaffing currently has been an incredible learning experience for myself, and the rest of the crew. Its a first time feature for 90% of everyone, and that has caused its share of difficulties. However, I have not seen any ego, pride, or resentment from anyone on the team. The Key Grip and Best Grip had to replace themselves for the last week of the shoot (prior commitment), and I was very lucky to find two local people who are actually union electrics which wanted to fill the job. This actually helped beyond measure, when I really needed 5 electrics. I was very happy
  8. You are going to fight ambient in the car, but its possible. You are also going to need diffusion on the bottom left shot. All of these can be done with the kinos. Negative fill will be much needed on this.
  9. I agree. Big lights, big setup. Power requirements are the same, Wendy lights are a bit cheaper in the long run, but I'm very partial to tungsten.
  10. My 1st AC would welcome your organization, but would insist that you use his system. Failing that, he would love that you had a system at all! I have seen him try to teach the job to so many. We can teach the job, we cannot teach attitude. Thanks all for the insight.
  11. A young DP is holding a 40 pound camera on an easy rig. The gaffer is dancing around some random LED panel as the DP directs and looks at an onboard monitor, frantically scrolling through available ISO options. 6400 seems good. The third electrics stand by other lamps waiting for a radio call from the gaffer. Finally, all is set and the gaffer walks away. The DP might ask a random crew member to move or adjust a lamp, and would certainly never tell the gaffer the goal, or larger picture. And so it goes, for weeks. Every setup, the DP runs around and makes up the lighting plan on th
  12. Do the visuals of underexposure and low contrast go together? For example, DARK is quite low contrast (and personally flat, and boring), but I don't feel its underexposed. Underexposure doesn't seem all that overused in the shows I watch regularly.
  13. It could be that because the film was made deliberate to recreate a style and era, that you don’t appreciate what it is. Modern audiences are used to a certain visual language. period pieces done in a modern style are different to a contemporary piece done in a period style.
  14. I just spoke with Panavision about renting 2-perf cameras, and I quote: "I could give you the 'friends don't let friends shoot 2-perf talk', but you will have every bit of dirt, dust, emulsion, and hair in every frame, its not worth it". That's one persons opinion, but it hurts a little when someone like that doesn't want to support the decisions of the film maker. I feel 2-perf is a perfectly valid choice.
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