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  1. Due to life changes, I am selling two of my cameras. Arriflex 35mm IIc: Adjustable shutter model 4x Mags (1x 400', 3x 200') Matte Box w/hard mattes New battery included with 4-pin xlr cable. 3 Original Arri B-mount Schneider lenses included 24-fps Crystal Sync motor Wild motor 4-perf movement About 2000' of film, maybe more. Kept refrigerated from new, all expired. 2 Pelican Cases ASK - Changing bag, insert slate, Tape, User manual and repair manual. Camera had recent CLA, I have run 400' through it - works great. Asking $3800 including shipping to 48 US. International shipping, please inquire. This is a heavy case. Link to Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uw4ixn52ouzm7sd/AAC8X7mOhAmdnCr1nPV_370xa?dl=0
  2. Jay Young

    Next step?

    CP-16. You can still get belts, and clutch pads, and usually they come with a pretty decent 10-150 Angenieux zoom. Sure, you have to thread it, but they come cheap. People still CLA them. The only downside is the electronics. If they go, not much you can do. I use mine all the time as B or C cam.
  3. If that image is correct, whats the real difference between 100 and 1000? Seems to me you would loose more than you might gain.
  4. Ha, J.D. , most of the time, I find myself running around yelling at people because they don't know better. Someone has to teach safety, and more often that not, its me. I was, however, only speaking of the lamp heads.
  5. LED's can be iffy. HMI's are usually fine but we like to cover the ballast with some rain shield. The heads are hot enough not to really worry about but we always cover those with Cello Flex wrap - the metal wire in plastic. For Tungsten Fresnels, we usually just let those go. Monsoon, Hurricane, whatever. If the Gaffer or Bests get a little worried, we will but some cello wrap over those as well, but Tungsten is nigh indestructible and hot. The problem comes if you turn it off. If you are having lightning, and the genny is switched off, then I start covering lamps for sure. But so long as they are on, and its raining, no problem. The only time I lens has ever cracked on me was on a Joker 800 in February when it snowed. Nothing we did saved those lenses.
  6. What did you end up using as your sun source in that very first shot? Looks great!
  7. This was color graded by me, of which I am not the best so if the color is off, its totally my fault! I can put up some 4k frames when I get home. Currently in Atlanta for Cine Gear!
  8. Jay Young

    Super 16

    I shot some anamorphic regular standard 16m for a 2.66 aspect ratio. It looked fantastic!
  9. My 2c I just purchased came with some 5248. I needed to test the camera to see if it was indeed in working order, and it performed flawlessly. I thought I would share. I didn't clip test the film before shooting, but I never expected it to look this good after however many years. In resolve, my printerlights hover around 40, 24, 14 in the offset on average. Of course, I figure I would have to dial in a bunch of red being Tungsten film shot in daylight. Love to hear your thoughts. Next up to test is Fuji 8552. Edit: I'm not really good at color grading. I can provide the 4k scan if anyone should want that as well.
  10. I'm having all kinds of issues with Resolve v15 on windows 10. They are sort of minor, but the main problem is that if you turn on the printer light hotkey, then Ctrl-F for full screen view, then go back to normal UI mode, the printer light hot keys no longer work. You have to go turn them off and then back on. Its very annoying.
  11. Does anyone know of the base density numbers for Fuji 8553? I got clip test done at the lab, but I can't seem to find anything other than the chart with the wavy lines. If that chart is to be followed, is it possible to have a shift up in one color and down in the other two?
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