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Krasnogorsk-3, Serviced and Converted to Super16

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Hello, I am selling one of my K-3's that I have used throughout school because I no longer need it. I installed a re-centered lens mount and wider gate so it can be used to shoot Super16, removed the loop formers, and it was also serviced and had the exterior redone last year by a camera tech.


Here is the listing on Ebay, starting price is $200.



I'd be happy to provide video of film running through the camera or some stills from a couple of the projects I used it on if you'd like.

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Hi, if you're interested please take a look at the actual listing, because I post both in the listing and on my post here that I removed the loop formers, there's also a picture on the listing of the inside of the camera w/o loop formers.


I have no idea what year it was made in, it is one with Russian lettering on it as opposed to the ones with English so chances are it is an earlier model that dates from the 70s or mid 80s.


Shipping to Austria would be $100. There are a hundred other K-3s on Ebay that are shipped from Europe, chances are you could find one in which the shipping to you would be a lot less.

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