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  1. I'm looking for a tripod head for a B-camera weighing 18lbs (20+ with rails, matte box, monitor). I already have a good fluid head I use for the A cam, but I'm not planning to do camera moves with the B-cam, I'm just looking for something I can stick the camera on and is strong enough to take its weight. I've been looking into pan-tilt heads like a manfrotto 229 or Gitzo G1570M because they can handle the weight. Anyone have suggestion?
  2. The Crystal Sync Kinor and all lenses are still available. I pulled them off eBay because I'm actually using them for a job. I also took the liberty to run more thorough film tests for others who were interested. I don't have an accurate time-table of when it's going to go back up for sale, but when it does, I'll have the footage to show its strengths and weaknesses. There's not enough Kinor footage currently on YouTube to do a really good comparison.
  3. Does anyone have the schematic/know how to remove the F3 top handle completely? I know it could be removed for the 3ality armor, I just want to replace it with a more useful top handle. I removed 2 screws from the front part and it seemed to be removable, but I can't figure out what to unscrew to get the back part off.
  4. UPDATE 12/15: Tested the crystal sync camera with the 12v adapter and it runs smooth and quiet in all speeds (the running light also turns on). However in the effort of full disclosure, I only tested it for a short period of time, and haven't performed any other tests for registration, steadiness, etc. I have shot film through this camera on professional jobs (also with the lenses I am selling), and it is quiet enough for sync sound outdoors or in a decent size room, but I haven't used it in 4 years.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I'm trying to find a bag/case for an O'Connor suitable for airline travel. The problem is it's 57" closed with the head attached and the longest dedicated tripod bags I can find will only fit the legs. So far I looked at microphone stand bags, but I can't find one where I can attach a shoulder strap. I also looked at golf and snowboard travel bags, and they seem like decent options if I wanted to take the head off and use it for more gear than just the tripod (the legs themselves are 46" one stage). But the best I have come up with s
  6. Hello, I have an O'Connor and am looking for a good tripod bag/case for travel that will fit it. Normally I just have a strap on it and throw it in my trunk, but I need something suited for airline travel. The problem is that the closed length with the head attached is roughly 57", and I've only been able to find 1 thing that might work, which is a telescoping abs case for fishing rods. If I take the head off there are a lot more options, but I was just curious if anyone has something that will fit this they are looking to sell.
  7. Looking to sell two Kinor 16cx-2m 16mm cameras and lenses. One camera has a Tobin crystal sync motor upgrade and I've shot film with it in the past. I haven't used it in a while so I bought a new power brick to test it with (just waiting for it to arrive) so I have to say untested atm, comes with a 400' magazine. The other is just a standard 16cx-2m that's perfect for upgrades/mods. Both are in good cosmetic condition. I also have 3 Lomo Kinor-mount lenses for sale. These are all in excellent condition and can be used with the Kinors or adapted to other 16mm or MFT cameras for nice results. Ev
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply! I only knew Came-tv for their tripods, I didn't know they also do lights. I checked out the Came-tv light and it seems like a good light but I really don't have need for DMX control or wifi at the moment. I guess I kind of ended up answering my own question. I'm going to get a few Godox LED lights and some budget C-stands. For $1k I can swing 3 lights, stands, diffusion and carrying case. I've used tungsten a lot in the past, while I was originally going to go with tungsten, the fact that LEDs don't run hot, don't need bulb replacement and can be run off a batt
  9. Do you have them listed online like craigslist/ebay?
  10. Hello, I own a startup videography company and want to purchase some budget friendly lighting for interior shoots and photography. I am shooting on film and with a Sony F3, and my budget for lights is $1,000 with ideally room to upgrade later on. I am looking for at least a 3-light setup. In the past I've used everything from rented Arri and Mole-richardson tungsten lights to shop lights and clamp lights I got from the trash/home depot. I want to now purchase some video lights that are easier to work with than home depot 500w floods. I know for $1,000 I cannot expect the best quality, bu
  11. The center contact is 4.8v and the side contact is 2.4v, correct. I haven't used this camera in about a year since I have upgraded, however I did manage to obtain the dummy adapter for it, and there are two hot wires going to the center contact, each providing 2.4v, one hot wire going to the side contact which is 2.4v, and one ground wire which might go to the side of the battery compartment, not 100% sure. If you're building a pack from scratch, the later version of the 2008 or 4008 might be a bit easier because they have 3 larger contacts in the center that you can attach alligator clips
  12. Hello, when I find myself having to repeat myself over and over because people do not read my post I get tired of being civil. Once again I am having to repeat myself because my initial post was NOT vague. If you thought it was vague, then you don't know what Custom Upholstery Products is, yet you feel the need to respond to me despite the fact that you can offer me no help. Wow...just wow. So let me get this straight, I post a question asking for help, you're first response is "I don't know", then you assume I'm stupid and link me to a forum I've already read, and now you're calling me
  13. Lol good reading comprehension skills, you didn't actually read my posts. I'll iterate again, If you didn't know what I was talking about from the title, I don't need your response. You clearly have not done business with them or don't know of them. Why would you link me a forum thread after I typed "I'm not asking for someone to do research for me, they've been mentioned a lot on this forum in the past"? Are you even aware that that thread is from six years ago? Again, my original post: "can't find anything from them in the last few years." I'm really not responsible for your stupidity, s
  14. I'm not asking for someone to do research for me, they've been mentioned a lot on this forum in the past and I was hoping to get a response from someone who has done business with them or knows of them already. Seriously...why even respond if you don't know what I'm asking about?
  15. Does this place still exist? Their website is down and can't find anything from them in the last few years.
  16. Hi, if you're interested please take a look at the actual listing, because I post both in the listing and on my post here that I removed the loop formers, there's also a picture on the listing of the inside of the camera w/o loop formers. I have no idea what year it was made in, it is one with Russian lettering on it as opposed to the ones with English so chances are it is an earlier model that dates from the 70s or mid 80s. Shipping to Austria would be $100. There are a hundred other K-3s on Ebay that are shipped from Europe, chances are you could find one in which the shipping to you
  17. Hello, I am selling one of my K-3's that I have used throughout school because I no longer need it. I installed a re-centered lens mount and wider gate so it can be used to shoot Super16, removed the loop formers, and it was also serviced and had the exterior redone last year by a camera tech. Here is the listing on Ebay, starting price is $200. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/282281068444?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT I'd be happy to provide video of film running through the camera or some stills from a couple of the projects I used it on if you'd like.
  18. Hey, thanks for the reply. You're right, I kind of figured that would be best so I am bringing in the lens to the service techs tomorrow. I did also notice the aperture ring has a too much play in it so I will ask them about that also.
  19. Thanks, I didn't know there was a tool specifically for that. There really is a tool for everything. I guess that's why I like to post questions on this forum.
  20. The slot is definitely the same one that fits onto the push-tab on the camera. I tried a 1.5mm screwdriver and a thin strip of metal but I couldn't get the what I thought was the locking pin to push down. I think this is something the guys at DuAll will be able to do, I just hope they aren't going to charge me an arm and a leg.
  21. Hello, thanks for replying. I think you are right, that it is for a prado microscope as opposed to a projector, however it is set in a black ring that attaches to the adapter and there aren't any release pins.
  22. Hello, I have a Leica m-mount lens that I bought as part of some kind of attachment for a projector or enlarger. I don't know how to remove the lens from the adapter it's attached to, there doesn't seem to be a release button. Here are some pictures, can anyone help me?
  23. Hello, I have an M mount 10mm Cinegon lens I bought off Ebay that's been attached to some kind of leica adapter for a projector (?). I don't know how to remove it, there doesn't seem to be a release button. Anyone got any ideas?
  24. Hello, I am investing in some camera equipment that I will be trying to rent out in addition to using myself. I was planning on doing all the advertising myself, but has anyone ever heard of having a rental house rent out your equipment for you and let them take a percentage? I'm talking about guys that I trust and that I've worked with before. They don't have what I'm offering, but I don't have the contacts or the publicity that they have.
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