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Use re-housing Cooke Panchro PL on EF camera?

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Hello guys!

I'm thinking about purchasing a Cooke Panchro kit and re-housing it to use with my URSA MINI 4.6K. In my previous knowledge, I've always assumed that all PL lenses are possible to use on a EF camera if you use the right adapter, due to PL lenses have a bigger distance from the sensor then the EF. Which means it's not possible to do the other way around.

But on some forum threads I've read that it's NOT possible to use the Cooke Panchro PL on an EF camera for some reason? Is this true? And why would that not be possible?

Thank you!

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PL Panchros in EF adapter are a no-go. Panchros sit deep into the mount, and the simple EF-PL adapters don't have enough depth to clear the shroud around the rear element on the panchros. The simple adapters work for telephoto lenses usually, and some zooms (old cooke, new Canon 17-120) that have very shallow baffling around the rear element. It is SOMETIMES possible to remove the baffling so the element can slide though the mount itself, sort of a hack, BUT that depends on how the rehousing. I have never seen a PL panchro that can be used on an EF adapter, but it may exist.

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I second Jason's comment. We tried jigging an ARRI Standard mount Speed Panchro Series 2 50mm and 70mm to a Canon 7D with a view to taking measurements for making a dumb adaptor mount and found that the rear structure of the lens itself and rear element runs foul of the mirror. I think the mount itself runs foul of part of the camera internal structure as well but I am not so sure of that any more. It may have been the ARRI standard mount on an Angenieux zoom which fouled the internal structure. We established it could not be done with those lenses.

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