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Matt Thomas

Frozen things in video..

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I keep seeing this technique and I can't wrap my head around how it works.



Anyone have any thoughts?



**Edit: I'm dumb, there's a bunch of tutorials.. but it's still cool!

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I'm imagining a lot of "snow in post".


Still a bit mind bottled about how they pulled it off with so much camera movement, progressing freeze frames (notice the windshield of the jeep from :08-:10) and still getting the parallax. It feels different than the roto a frame and 3d track it to move with the camera technique.


Movie magic man... movie magic.

This is the closest process I've found:

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The commercial reminded me of certain effects in Norman McLaren's "PAS DE DEUX".



But PAS DE DEUX came out in 1968 and this effect was old by then, having been famously used by Tsuburaya Eiji to portray Baltan-Seijin's trail of selves in ULTRAMAN (1966).


When we first see the Jeep at 0:02 the snow is superimposed. It's falling in front of everything else but not behind. 0:03 in, it's a green screen outside the car, the outside view is composited. The snow might be digital but I'd have requested a snow machine.


The multiplied snowboarders some 6 seconds in are from different frames, this shot they just have to look somewhat right as it's very brief.


For that 0:08-0:10 shot I'm guessing two motion controlled cameras. After that, the Jeep in the aerial shot could be a 3D model. Hard to tell so it would save money.


It's around 12 seconds in that it starts looking more complex than it is. Again, for these things you just have to get it close enough. Especially at the speed with which they are moving.


You could always PM the DP and ask.

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