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Kinan Massarani

On set mixing of live image and picture file

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First post here ! I've been reading this forum for quite a long time so thanks for the great ressources it provides !


I need an advice for choosing the right monitor/tools for a very specific shot.


We have to recreate the perfect perpective of a specific painted picture. While building the set in prep we'd like to have the posibility to blend the image on set and the reference picture on the monitor so the art departement can "cheat" the actual proportion of the set very precisely (based on the right focal lenght and camera position )


We'll have some kind of diagram of the painting on a digital fix image that we'd like to superimpose on the image from the camera.


We'll have the exact same camera and lenses that we will use for the shooting.


I know the Astro can do that, blend a freezed image and the direct input, I've used it several times but I'd like to know if a bigger monitor have the same ability. We won't have the possibility to have the VFX crew with us on prep so the simpler the better. It's even better if it can directly input a jpeg or png file (with SD slot or something like that ?)


Do you have any idea what gear we could use for that puprose ?


Thanks a lot,


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Hi Kinan,


I had to do that on a commercial that I shot recently and we ended up using the Smart Assist to superimpose our vfx design on the Smart Assist while framing.

It worked marvellously.


We were able to put all the jpgs that the VFX department sent to us directly onto the Smart Assist.


Have a good day.

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Hi Miguel,


Thanks for the reply. Smart Assist does look like the perfect solution. But It will probably be too expensive for the job and they are not yet that common in France, I'm not sure our rental house in Paris have that. I will ask though.


A cheaper solution would probably suit our needs better.




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You're welcome!


In Spain a Smart Assist is quite cheap, maybe it is the same in Paris!?


Hopefully you are able to get one or something similar that helps you do what you need to do! :)


Have a lovely day.

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So for now I'm planing to use a SDI capture card and my macbook to do the mixing on Wirecast. It's an idea from the colorist I work with. It will allow me to use quite an elaborate pattern on the JPEG image ( with alpha layers and so ) and it's super cheap to rent the capture card.


Still looking for a simpler solution tough that could be found on a cheap monitor




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Although by now your job is probably done, I'll share a solution I've used successfully a number of times working on no-budget films. I print the image in question an appropriate size in acetate and simply affix it to the monitor. Can't get any cheaper than that and it works perfectly.

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