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Hi everyone, I recently have a unique opportunity to replace most of my kit after 15 years or so of building it up. 😐 Over that time I ended up with different cases and bags to protect things in and out of regular production. Now that I have to repurchase stuff I'm interested in what people are doing for every day use. 

Most of the time the gear is in my house, then in the Sprinter, so I've usually gone with semi rigid bags instead of pelican cases because of the big waste of space with hard cases. When I fly, or someone rents something, I put it in hard cases.

How do you carry the following:

  • Handheld monitors (ready to go, with wireless)
  • matte box and filters like VIV or Obox
  • Wireless Follow focus like WCU4 or Bartech
  • Misc cables?
  • Primes lenses like Sigma FF, and Canon Cine zooms like 24-105mm etc.
  • Batteries? I hate the giant cases to carry 4 batteries, how do you carry 8-10 plus a charger?

Would love photos if you have them. I liked the system that I had, and will just do that again if needed. But I'd love to see what you guys are doing.

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As so often, it depends what you're doing.

I like having things in kit form, so I have a 13" monitor in a case with its mains power supply, a mains extension, the 12V power plate, and two long BNC cables. I have Source Four PARs, and one case with power cables, barn doors, gel frames with a selection of precut gels, and replacement short-arc bulbs of various colour temperatures. Lenses (cheap ones, nothing special) go in a case with all the mount adaptors, cleaning tissues and canned air. One function, one case, first-order retrievability of all associated equipment.

Some gear, such as batteries, doesn't really lend itself to that sort of approach. I made up a case to take Sony NP-F series batteries (properly called L-mount) with four chargers and power supplies prewired to four plates bolted to the bottom of the case. It can carry up to twelve batteries of various capacities and is extremely fast to set up, simply requiring a nearby power socket. Open the top, plug in, and go. I have some old PAG batteries and chargers that I'd like to set up in the same way. It's high density, much higher than carrying a few big camera bricks around in a massive peli case, which always strikes me as way too much case for too little gear. I find this arrangement quite convenient.

Click to embiggen.


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Hi Phil, I like Kits too. 

Generally what I'll be carrying is handheld monitors with 3stud mounts on the back for batteries. Camera accessories that usually all go out together. Naturally every job isn't the same but they're usually close enough. 

What I used to have was the Portabrace Car2 bags (semi rigid) for most things, and Pelican hard cases with padded dividers for batteries and chargers. I usually fit around 6 blueshapes, and 1x 4bank charger in an im2500 carryon size case. (not for flight, that's just the size)

I love that custom case. Makes me wonder if Lmount would work for me now that I need to kinda start over. hah... *whimper*

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