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Nurdin Orlich

Lighting kitchen scene

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Hi. I want to film one person making pancakes in the kitchen. Because I'm beginner in lighting I'll need some recommending. I own just one small light Aputure AL-M9 Mini, but that's obviously not enough. I was thinking to buy Godox sl-60w 112£, or maybe two ,three lights Aputure Amran AL-H198 45£ each, or two,three lights Yongnuo YN-216 45£ each. I was reading that Godox is awesome value for money and that it's alternative to Aputure 120d. Do you think also for the future Godox light is worth to buy it?

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Do you not have ambient light where you live? 😛

I don't think you can go wrong with Aputure, but seriously, you should try and work with available light if at all possible. 


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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Christopher Santucci said:

Do you not have ambient light where you live? 😛

Unlike you the OP has seen the kitchen he wants to shoot in. It may well have no windows (mine hasn't - I live in an apartment and the kitchen is an internal room.) Which makes it damn well impossible to chop or saute anything without it being in shadow from the ceiling bulb. Fine for the human eye, lousy for the camera.

Or his hob may be nowhere near the window and/or placed so he'll block the light when cooks. Etc, etc.


I don't think you can go wrong with Aputure

Well, you can if Godox gives so many more lumens per buck without problems...

To the OP -

- My best suggestion is that you google for reviews of the Godox. Which you've probably already thought of. But pay particular attention to whether there are any problems, especially fan noise. (It seems to be slightly noisy and people often replace it.)

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