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Lucas Henkel

Questions involving a Roughed-Up Anamorphic Lens

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So I was poking around on eBay and I noticed this listing for a Panavision Superama 16 which is admittedly a lens I've been having my eye on for awhile now. The problem is, it's in pretty bad shape as you can see in the images.


The biggest issue I see is that is has a noticeable crack on the front of the lens and is exceptionally grimey on both sides of the lens. My main question is how actually bad is the damage? Is the damage showcased too extensive to bother with, or are there any hopes of it being surprisingly usable after some cleaning up? Furthermore, and this may seem like a dumb question, is it possible to repair a crack like that showcased? Thank you in advance!

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Certainly not worth more than $10 at a trash and treasure market..

You can polish and recoat old glass elements (at some expense), and split glued doublets to re-bond them when the old glue has deteriorated (again at some expense), but cracks are pretty much unfixable. A chipped edge can sometimes be painted black to avoid the internal reflections it causes. 

That lens will probably vignette on anything but telephoto focal lengths anyway, and doesn’t have any visible focus marks, so it’s not a great candidate as a DIY anamorphic adapter, even if the glass was OK. For $10 it might be a fun effects lens if you ever wanted a washed out, blurry and degraded anamorphic image..

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